The Master Chief Collection had a rough launch on the Xbox One with an overabundance of technical issues, but after an anticipated release on the PC, 343 Studios has brought the beloved series back to life. It’s latest addition, Halo 3, brings everything we know and love about the 2007 original to the PC.

Skulls were popular cheat and modifier items that were scattered throughout the campaign for players to collect and use for bonus achievements and multiple playthroughs. Most of the seven Vidmaster achievements – used to unlock the coveted recon armor in multiplayer – required the activation of one or more skulls to achieve. As the third entry launches on PC, 343 added a new skull into the Halo 3 roster – Acrophobia. When players activate this skull, they are able to fly around the map, hunting easter eggs and collecting other skulls more efficiently. Once activated, players will need to hold down the jump button. 

halo 3 flying skull
Oh, the nostalgia.

Halo 3’s skulls offered additional hours of chaotic fun, but with its latest entry, players can also activate Acrophobia for the first two Halo games. There is a catch – since Master Chief is actively breaking the sound barrier, players should take note that he can smash into and die on anything in the environment. I guess John-117 is more relatable to a common fruit fly. If you’re a cautious flyer, take the skies and ambush a banshee mid flight or break new time trial records on campaign missions from the original trilogy! 

One must first unlock the Acrophobia skulls before activation by killing 343 flying enemies in the Halo 3 campaign or campaign playlist on normal or harder difficulties. These flying enemies include Sentinels, Drones, Banshees and Phantoms. IGN’s Jordan Oloman offers up a few tips on how to effectively obtain the skull: 

There’s an easy spot that I used to unlock the skull in the Campaign map The Storm. Press on until you get to the second outdoors area and head inside until you come across a room with a rocket launcher. A dropship will spawn and send tons of bugs flying into the room. Simply pelt them with rockets and swap to your Battle Rifle to mop them up, then blow yourself up with a grenade to rinse and repeat.”  

halo 3 pc
Relive a classic on PC.

Twitter and Reddit users have already taken advantage of the wonky new addition, recording their own hilarious missteps and amazing speed runs that negate the use of vehicles entirely. The Acrophobia skull now adds even more of an incentive to snag a copy of the new and improved Master Chief Collection, and to experience, yet again one of the most compelling worlds in gaming.   

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