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Don’t Expect New Maps for Hitman 3

IO has proved to be one of the most consistent and talented developers working today. It might be a bummer to hear that plans of additional maps will not come into fruition, but IO has chosen a select team to continue post-development on Hitman 3, while others focus on Project 007.

Hitman 3 – If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

The culmination of the new Hitman trilogy is finally upon us, delivering an absolute essential stealth action experience right before developer IO Interactive turns their attention towards Project 007. An overwhelming amount of critical praise has poured in - our 4.5/5 review for instance - alongside a hefty number of unfortunate, yet identified technical issues tied to their “carry over” progression and mastery system, leaving many saddened by the grim reality that this might be our last endeavor with Agent 47.

‘Atomic Heart’ is Apparently Still Pumping

After rummaging through Russian developer Mundfish’s official website five months since my last coverage of Atomic Heart, some things have changed, while others remain the same.

4 Components of a Great Resident Evil Game

Resident Evil 7’s new take on perspective opened up a new avenue for horror without sacrificing the series’ core mechanics, while the recent Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes offered a fresh coat of paint for those who were previously unable to play the originals. As Resident Evil Village approaches, let’s take a look at the components of a great Resident Evil game

Silent Hills Spiritual Successor ‘Visage’ Reinvents the Horror Genre

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being utterly defenseless against some sort of supernatural threat, but we needed some sort of twist in the formula. In October 2018, indie developer Sadsquare Studio released Visage on PC via Steam Early Access with console ports to come after the full release. Within a short amount of time, Visage was being hailed as the scariest game ever created. Sure, that’s what they all say. In this instance, however, they’re right.

Scalpers Have Taken Advantage of Next-Gen Pre-Orders

Game over, man. Within the first 15-minutes of availability, the Xbox Series X|S unsurprisingly sold out.

Sony’s PS5 Pre-Order Mess Proved an Example for Microsoft

As Microsoft stood quiet, gamers were surprised to hear that PS5 pre-orders would open the next day.

Is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Cross-Gen Bundle Indicative of Future Business Practices?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is nearly upon us, but I wanted to take some time to delve a little deeper into its three pre-order editions in relation to the future of pricing practices. As a direct sequel to the first Black Ops, Cold War brings back some familiar faces and the boots-on-the-ground gameplay that the community seems to prefer over wall-running and jetpacking. At launch, Cold War offers three editions - the standard, the digital cross-gen bundle, and the ultimate edition. Though appropriately priced for what’s offered, I can’t help but question the pricing model for next-gen games to come.

Postal Spin-Off ‘Brain Damaged’ Drops You Head First in a Psychedelic ‘90s FPS

As Running With Scissors continues its Early Access development on Postal 4: No Regerts, news of a WIP ‘90s style shooter spin-off game recently surfaced, shocking the community. Releasing at some point in 2021, Postal: Brain Damaged sees The Postal Dude delirious, as he had taken one too many hits to the head.

New Halo Infinite Character Art Reveals Formidable Foe and Mark VII Armor

343i recently revealed new concept art for Halo Infinite - an Elite Blademaster and the MJOLNIR Mark VII Generation 3 armor.

The Many Monsters of Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares, a 2D side scrolling horror adventure game from developer Tarsier Studios garnered a healthy amount of critical praise, and as of 2018, sold over one-million copies across all platforms. After the success of this little indie gem, a sequel was inevitable. First announced in 2019, with more details unveiled at Gamescom 2020, Little Nightmares II is set to release this upcoming February for current gen consoles, with a next gen launch later in the year. In celebration of its release date, let’s take a look at some of the monsters you’ll be up against.

Atomic Heart is Set to Release on Next-Gen Consoles… Eventually

Atomic Heart is one of those games that has been on everyone's radar for quite some time now. It’s clear inspiration from the likes of Bioshock and the Metro series mixed with its own flare of Russian dystopia and robotic teenage angst has garnered a significant amount of buzz since the first trailer dropped a little over two years ago.

System Shock 2 Can Now Legally Drink

System Shock 2 is a scary, unpredictable and incredibly rewarding experience that every gamer should try at least once. In celebration of its 21st birthday, I raise my drink of choice to you!

Succubus Wants You to Craft Your Own Violent Playstyle

Where Agony felt rather hollow in just about everything other than its art direction, Madmind has done a great job in incorporating more gameplay elements and rewriting some of their previous faults for Succubus.

Looking Back to Halo 3’s Vidmaster Achievements

Halo players had the opportunity to snag the coveted Recon armor permutation for use in multiplayer by completing a total of seven Vidmaster challenges split between Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. Unlike the more recent entries in the series, Halo 3 demanded certain skills to unlock some of the more lavish helmets. Bungie intended these achievements to pose great challenges, as the Recon armor set should only be worn by the Bungie team and select community members.

Agony Spin-Off Succubus Forces Players to Do the Unthinkable

Much like its predecessor, Succubus maintains its mature themes, offering up a warning at launch and the option to censor some of the more explicit content

Halo Infinite’s unamused brute – spawning many a meme

Following the gameplay reveal, Halo fanatics took to Twitter to comment on some of the new mechanics, the multi-mission objective structure, and... the unamused brute. For those of you unaware, this brute has gone somewhat viral in the last 24 hours and not for anything commendable.

Halo 3’s PC Launch Comes with a New Unlockable Skull

As the third entry launches on PC, 343 added a new skull into the Halo 3 roster - Acrophobia.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta – The Pinnacle of Paid DLC

As one of five different DLC expansions for Fallout 3, Mothership Zeta, to this day, continues to leave a lasting impression. I will never forget my first encounter with aliens, nor do I want to.

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