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Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn Expansion Review


There is no doubt that Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the finest dinosaur-themed, Sim-City ’em up that has ever been created. Following on from the equally brilliant Jurassic World Evolution, Frontier Developments upped their game to deliver a park builder that ticks very nearly all the boxes. 

But since initial release, it’s a game that has been expanded on massively. There’s been the Early Cretaceous Pack which delivered more dinos for rangers to play around with, whilst the Camp Cretaceous Pack did similar, adding in even more variety. 

Now though Frontier have gone big and to accompany the – ultimately divisive – release of Jurassic World Dominion on the big screen is the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn Expansion. It’s something that expands the base game by some margin and is much more of an eye-opener than the content drops that preceded it. 

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So what do we have? Well, Dominion Biosyn’s main event is the new Story Campaign. Running separately from the standard story that is found in Jurassic World Evolution 2, this focuses on how Biosyn Genetics are looking to make it big in the world, bringing some of the biggest, most ferocious, most exciting dinosaurs back to life. 

Looking to build on what was told in the film and full of spoiler warnings for those – like us – who haven’t yet kicked back with the dinosaur blockbuster, it’s a pretty big new campaign which will appeal massively to those who have taken in everything else that Evolution 2 has allowed. We can’t personally chat about what happens and how it fits with the film – and honestly, spoilers aren’t our thing – but be sure that it plays well and introduces some rather tasty new features. This is not a five-minute done-and-runner either, with a whole multitude of complexities for you to work through, with focus centred on the Biosyn Genetics Research Compound.

Alongside that is a new Chaos Theory mode. We’re massive fans of the ‘what if’ scenarios that Chaos Theory brings and this one once again takes what was found in the film and runs with it, letting you get to work at Owen Grady’s ranch in the Sierra Nevada mountains, building out a facility and park to your own liking. Again, we think it’s another great addition to the previous Chaos Theory stuff and really does let you get on to work through Jurassic World Evolution 2 as you see fit. 

As you would then also expect to hear, the Biosyn Sanctuary is available for free play through the Sandbox mode. If you ever need a reason to drop even more hours into what is on offer, this is probably it as you go about reimagining things to your liking. 

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Of course, for all of this to become a proper reality though, it’s the dinosaurs that need to make a mark. There are a host of them here and whilst the Dominion Biosyn pack once again comes with some cosmetic skins that we’re not overly fussed by, the introduction of four new species really excites. 

Variants are in place for the Dreadnoughtus and Giganotosaurus, whilst fancy new cosmetics can be attached to the T.rex (both in scarred and a brilliant feathered variety), whilst the Dilophosautus and Parasaurolophus are both equally amendable. 

For us, it’s the arrival of the Therizinosaurus, the Pyroraptor (come on, the name sells it), the Dimetrodon and the Quetzalcoatlus. We may struggle to pronounce many of these new species, but clicking a button and dropping them into your park never gets old. 

Why should you have them in your park? Well, the Dimetrodon is a carnivore feeder with a huge sail on its back. Coming across with a Ghostbusters Terror Dogs vibe – although thankfully without the glowing red eyes and massive horns – these guys may look like they are more at home stomping the low grounds, but they get up to some speed when the time calls for it too. 

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They are well complemented in the carnivorous stakes by the Pyroraptor. Now, we don’t need to sit here and tell you why these are so interesting and they should be staples of your park from the get-go; the name tells the story. What you will find though are these super quick predators, cousins of the infamous Velociraptor, will add colour, a form of madness and some seriously testing times. Honestly though, they are a joy – if you can handle them correctly. 

Further is the addition of the fish-eating Quetzalcoatlus. A flying pterosaur that comes with a wingspan of more than ten metres in length, these are absolute beasts of the sky. Whilst we’re not sure that any of the flying dinosaurs are quite of as much interest as the likes of the raptors, for instance – shall we blame the original films for that? – it’s always nice to have a bit of variety going on. There can be no knocking of the inclusion of the Quetzalcoatlus for that reason alone. 

And finally we have the wonderful Therizinosaurus – one of the weirdest, most unusual, highly unique species we’ve ever seen. A pretty docile character who likes nothing more than to grab whatever is laying around on the floor, it’s the weird, happy-go-lucky feels, combined with some awesome claws that makes this guy stand out. We’re big fans of this high-five king and reckon they should be an immediate addition to any park that is running through Jurassic World Evolution 2. 

I guess we should end with a quick look at the variants and cosmetic additions that the Dominion Biosyn expansion brings, but whilst they may appeal to some, it’s just a minor feature add for us. You’re getting to scale up the Dreadnoughtus with a 2022 variant, whilst the Giganotosaurus comes with an equally fearsome skin colour. The Dilophosarus and Parasaurolophus are also covered in the skins stakes, but it’s the T.rex that has the biggest makeover with both a scarred and a feathered variant hitting home. A tick for the variety, but we can’t get overly enthused by some skin variants. 

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So, £15.99 may seem a hefty ask for a piece of DLC, but the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn Expansion is just that – hefty. It comes with a decent amount of new dinosaurs to enjoy, and whilst we’re not particularly massive fans of cosmetic variants, the addition of new buildings and further species helps complement what is in place. The icing is the new Story Campaign, as well as one of the best Chaos Theory options available in the game. 

Even if the film has flopped, should you have Jurassic World Evolution 2 in your library and have nigh-on maxed out what it brings, the Dominion Biosyn Expansion is one that will bring a host of new, exciting content.  

Jurassic World Evolution 2 – Dominion Biosyn Expansion is available at the Xbox Store

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