You might not want to mix the already brilliant Tetris with any other ideas, but if you do, we reckon Jenga is a good call. And that makes Trenga Unlimited instantly appealing. 

Mixing the world of Tetris with other puzzle affairs may not be anything new – after-all Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 worked absolutely fine – but that’s not stopping the team at Flux Games from providing another new twist on the subject matter. You see, it is they who are taking the standard Tetris experience and putting a bit of a block breaking Jenga mix on matters. 

Trenga Unlimited is the resulting mashup as players get to work with an exciting 3D puzzler that requests you to destroy a tower – aka Jenga – by filling gaps and clearing lines – hi, Tetris. Do so and you’ll be given a ton of cool rewards and collectible companion buddies that allow for gameplay boosts. 

All set in an underwater environment, Trenga Unlimted won’t just be about block bashing, giving you the chance to explore the underwater world and animals that frequent the seas too. It all seems a bit delightful if we’re honest and that translates over to the gameplay itself – this should certainly be a relaxing affair; at least for a little while until the puzzling element ramps up in difficulty. 

With multiple features and game modes including a Story mode, a Party Game mode that caters for 2-4 players, local multiplayer for when the time calls, a Survival mode in which you’ll be put up against the clock and more, there should be much to love with Trenga Unlimited. 

Features include:

  • Story mode: relaxing and casual gameplay to help Kate Nemo in her journey to find her grandfather
  • Party Game Mode: Versus fun! 2 to 4 players with a timer, when the timer reaches 0 the game shows which player has the best Score
  • Local Multiplayer – Fun Party Game
  • Survival Mode: Race against time to complete the lines in the tower in the shortest time possible!
  • Unlock characters with unique abilities along the way
  • Accessible, Fun Gameplay: relaxing and peaceful
  • 3 different worlds with several challenges

Our full review will be able to happily confirm whether this is worthy of your time or cash. Keep an eye out for it in the days ahead but in the meantime you’ll be able to grab a copy of the game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It only costs £5.79. 

Game Description:

Choose the right pieces, place them into the tower and solve the puzzle! This is Trenga, a relaxing 3D puzzle game with a unique yet familiar mechanic. Help Kate Nemo and the cute sea creatures, challenging your friends and family or even your own brain, to solve tricky missions in the 3 beautiful worlds of this captivating underwater adventure.

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