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We’ve already seen Update 12.2 roll out onto PC, but now it’s time for the PUBG soldiers on console to be treated to a similar theme. This latest update brings forth a host of ideas too, including a new map, new weapons, new features and more. Oh, and there’s the latest Survivor Pass to enjoy too. 

Console Update 12.2 for PUBG focuses mostly on the new 8×8 map – that of Taego. This sits nicely on the landscape list with a diverse terrain, rather unique environment and plenty of points of interest. The same size as the original Erangel, in Taego you’ll find yourself scoping out flocks of birds which will react and pinpoint any danger that may lie ahead. 

Currently playable as the Featured Map, Taego is present as you would expect – in TPP, FPP, through Solo, Duos, Squads and 1-man Squads. It’s big enough to be able to cope with up to 100 players at a time, will allow for the presence of Bots and does away with any Red Zone. 

But the introduction of Taego also allows the PUBG team to drop in a couple of brand new mechanics; mechanics which may well mix up the standard PUBG experience. 

The first of these is the Comeback BR – an exclusive second-chance option that will let those who die in the first Blue Zone be given the opportunity to drop back into the match later on in the fight. It’ll be the Comeback Arena which plays host as a separate location to the main battleground and should you survive long enough in here will be transported back to the main map in phase 3, with health and boost levels reset upon your return. 

Further to that is the new Self AED option. This will let you revive yourself when down and can be used in both Solo and Squad matches. It seems like an utter godsend for times when you are left as the last-one standing and need to keep your squad moving. 

There are new weapons being thrown into PUBG with Update 12.2 too. The K2 is a new 5.56mm caliber AR that will fire off in single, burst or full-auto modes, whilst the MK12 is a 5.56mm DMR which comes with a bipod as standard whenever you move to the prone position. 

Throw in the Pony Coupe as a new vehicle, an increased item spawn rate and performance improvements all-round, and you’ve got a host of new options available on the Battlegrounds. 

But that’s not all and the latest Survivor Pass is also here. Survivor Pass: Taego Weapon & Level Pack will set you back 3270 G-Coin, giving access to the Kar98K Skin and 30 levels of glorious goodness to work through.

The smaller Survivor Pass: Taego Weapon Pack is cheaper to grab – 990 G-Coin – and ditches off the additional levels. 

In all, if you’re looking for reason to head back to PUBG, the arrival of Update 12.2 on console should be what you are looking for. Let us know how you feel about the changes, and whether that Taego map is any good, by dropping into the comments.

And if you still have yet to experience PUBG, go and grab a download from the Xbox Store right now.

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