Have you heard that you soon may experience the delight of playing your favorite video games using a custom Jordan console?

Yes, in what now seems as the best news for gamers during this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations, Xbox has partnered with Nike to launch a Jordan-themed Xbox One X. If such a product were to go into mass production, then to avid gamers, this is great news. This is mostly so because the products are an equivalent of a gaming software developer releasing not one but eight Game of Thrones-themed casino games, one representing each season of the epic drama series.

Microsoft and Nike, it seems are going down the path that most corporations are trying out; brand collaborations. The two industry giants are releasing not just the Xbox One X console and its controllers but also a matching shoe called the Air Jordan III Retro.

In keeping with tradition, the product boasts of all the Jordan trademarks; the signature jumpman is engraved on the top and on the right hand corner of each controller while the red elephant print is on the cover of the device.

You may need to wait a while and see if Microsoft will do mass production of the console and the controllers. If you are not that patient, however, then you can participate in the sweepstake that Microsoft is running on Twitter and hope that lady luck will shine on your face.

The shoes, however, are on sale starting this weekend. If you want to get your hands on them, prepare to set your wallet back almost $1,800, which is the average price according to resellers. Alternatively, you can grab a pair if you attend the NBA All-Star Weekend.

It is possible the company may not do mass production. This is not the first time Microsoft has done a custom Xbox One console. And, most of these creations never go on sale. If you remember, the corporation did make one in memory of Paul Walker. The gaming industry has also seen consoled themed after Minecraft, Gears, and Fortnite, and all these never went on sale. 

If you want to take part in the sweepstake, follow the official Xbox handle on the social media platform and retweet the announcement about this collaboration. Do remember to include the tag #XboxSweepstakes. The process seems all so easy but here is the hard bit; the competition organizers will pick only one winner. Besides, you only have up to February 27, to get lucky.

The release of the product coincides with the NBA All-Star Weekend which starts this weekend at the United Center in Chicago. The products, as such, are most certainly promotional.