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If you’re not playing as a cat or a fox, are you even playing? The two hottest topics in gaming at this time, it seems like nearly everything has to have you focused on the life of a feline or reynard. Of Blades & Tails is another of those games. 

Coming from Polish indie publisher Pineapple Works, as they combine with the German solo-dev Felix Laukel, Of Blades & Tails is a turn-based RPG that, while being action-oriented, totally rewards a thoughtful approach. 

Of Blades & Tails is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3 2023, so a good year away yet, but when it does drop, it promises much. We just hope the whole fox love-in that has progressed with the likes of The First Tree and, more recently, Endling – Extinction is Forever, is still on the cards. 

Of Blades & Tails will see you playing through as Reik, a clever member of the tribe of foxes. A chain of unfortunate events involves you in a quest of vital importance to all the peace-loving creatures of the realm. It’ll be up to you to leave your home village and explore the world, hoping to become strong enough to stand up to evil. 

This is a game that has been inspired by the classic hack & slay titles and turn-based RPGs that have frequented the gaming world, whilst the lore is inspired by the classic point & click adventure Inherit the Earth. The solo developer behind it personally thinks about the game as Diablo, but turn-based with a more strategic approach, in a vibrant animalistic setting and with lots of secrets to explore. Diablo, but not Diablo.

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The key features of Of Blades & Tails will include:

  • Turn-based Combat that allows for quick action or strategic planning
  • An Open World with lots of places to discover
  • A fresh anthropomorphic setting in a vibrant pixel art look
  • Procedural generated dungeons and caves
  • Classless Character Development with many abilities to unlock
  • Equipment of different qualities and Unique Items with special powers
  • Hunt giant bugs or gather herbs and other useful resources
  • Many Enemy Types with different skills that may require tactical decisions
  • Join guilds to gain their secret knowledge
  • Trade with rats and other profit-seeking animals

We may be some way off release of Of Blades & Tails on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC, but the trailer below should be taken in right about now. You’d do well to hit up the Steam page too.

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1 month ago

clearly the writer and developer of this have never played Diablo

Last edited 1 month ago by Germality