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Up for a comedic open-world RPG? How about one that feeds in a ton of puzzles? Sounds good eh? Well, it gets better as Soccer Story brings the beautiful game into proceedings too, as you and your magic soccer ball go about saving the world. 

From the No More Robots (Descenders, Hypnospace Outlaw) and PanicBarn teams, Soccer Story is the open-world RPG that you never thought would exist. See, this one is firmly focused on the world of soccer – football to us Brits – as it looks to shoot, to score and to sign on for PC and console, confirmed for Xbox Game Pass too. 

It’s due to launch on Xbox (Game Pass if you like), PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC later in 2022, as the sprawling open-world drags you in to a story worth believing; well, maybe not believing because it’s all a bit weird and wonderful, but you get the idea. 

Focusing on how it’s been a year since The Calamity ripped apart the foundations of soccer as it was known, those at Soccer Inc have ensured that kicking a soccer ball is a properly frowned on situation. But you’re the Savior of Soccer, the chosen one who with their magic football are tasked with saving the future of the sport. Do so and harmony will spread throughout the land too. 

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Soccer Story promises to deliver goal-oriented quests, plenty of side-missions and more than fifteen hours of gameplay in all. Consider that a whole range of activities and events are present too and as you go about building out your soccer career, the single player story will provide you with plenty of chatter to quirky friends and even more battle with the fiercest foes. 

There’s a two-player local multiplayer match to take in too. 

Check out the reveal trailer below and then hold tight as Soccer Story looks to play out on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Stadia and PC. 

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