hunt showdown reap what you sow

Hunt: Showdown is a game that has continued to evolve. Today, players get the chance to really reap what they sow. 

The latest expansion for Hunt: Showdown is Reap What You Sow, as the battles of the bayou take on all new dimensions, with a decaying new Hunter, additional weapons and more. You could say that it follows on from previous Hunt: Showdown DLC drops nicely – with our favourites being those of The Unlikely Pair and The Kid – with Reap What You Sow increasing the options that are on the table. 

Priced at £8.39 and something that should be available wherever you play Hunt: Showdown, it’s the Xbox Store that is main focus, with a download from there providing full Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S access. Of course, like pretty much any DLC drops ever delivered, you’ll need a copy of the base game to hand in order to enjoy it. 

So what are you getting? Well, in Hunt: Showdown – Reap What You Sow you’ll find the Daughter of Decay as the new Hunter. She comes with some tasty weaponry and tools too – Bountiful and First Fruits are the new Legendary weapons, whilst The Scion is a new tool. We’re not sure you’ll need much else to hand with those available. 

For a full rundown of Reap What You Sow, it’s probably best we hand you over to the devs themselves, as they deliver backstory and interest in the new content. We’re certainly sold on what is on offer…

Maeve Flynn was born alongside the first fruits of a plentiful harvest that let her family feast and rejoice for many days and nights. But in the coming years, their land grew ill, and soon they all followed. Siblings and cousins, aunts and uncles: Maeve helped her mother give them all back to the earth, burying them with their favorite possessions in hand. When Maeve buried her mother, there were no treasures left to harvest, so she placed dried seeds on her cold fingers and prayed they brought her mother bounty in a world beyond. Harvest season came again, and from the decaying flesh of her kin, the crops grew fuller and richer than ever before. A ravenous Maeve fed and gorged, and when her gaunt body could take no more, she shared it with the birds, the rabbits, and the deer. Maeve kept to herself, and it would be many years before she met another person. When she did, they were people no longer. Disgusted by the greed of the rotting who refused to give back what was no longer theirs, she turned her tools into weapons and left her home behind. Following the scent of death to the Bayou, she readied herself for a different kind of harvest.

Up for the fight? You’ll find Hunt: Showdown – Reap What You Sow on the Xbox Store. Go and grab it. 

Hunt: Showdown is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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