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Put down those guns, jump out of the fast cars and prepare for a life as a roadside assistance specialist with Roadside Assistance Simulator for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. 

Ultimate Games just love a sim – what with it being them behind the upcoming Farm Mechanic Simulator and Smuggler Simulator – yet they are still finding angles to cover with the next in line being that of a roadside assistance specialist in Roadside Assistance Simulator. 

Due to trundle down the road in the most advanced tow trucks in 2023, there is some way to go before us players will get the chance to experience life as a roadside assistant, but when we do, Ultimate Games will be ready for us. 

Sold as an extensive automotive experience which will test your skills in the field of roadside assistance, Ultimate Games have used all their know-how from Car Mechanic Simulator to provide a different experience. 

In development by the Polish studio 3T Games and published by Ultimate Games, this will be the third joint project between the companies – following previous announcements of Smuggler Simulator and Essex: The Whale Hunter.

But what are we getting here? Well, Roadside Assistance Simulator is a unique open-world, first-person perspective game, one in which the basic gameplay will consist of completing various tasks connected to road assistance and support during accidents and other road incidents.

Roadside Assistance Simulator 03

You’ll be glad to hear that 3T Games are working on an array of different task types, such as pulling a damaged vehicle from a ditch and transporting it on a tow truck, extinguishing a burning wreck and, most excitedly, cutting out parts from a car destroyed in an accident. 

They are also promising that the gameplay will include a whole range of additional elements – for instance, you’ll need to quickly get to the scene of the accident, fight the competition to gain a better share of the market, maintain a tow truck or a car with a beaver tail trailer, as well as upgrade and expand your car repair shop.

“In Roadside Assistance Simulator we will offer the players a number of varied features, related not only to the transport of destroyed vehicles on a tow truck and different roadside repairs. They will need to take care of, among other things, upgrading the repair shop, as well as developing their reputation and position on the market. The repairs will be based on solutions similar to those known from the best-selling Car Mechanic Simulator series, but the gameplay itself will have its own unique features and should appeal not only to car repair fans” – said Rafał Jelonek, CEO at 3T Games.

Roadside Assistance Simulator – main features include:

  • Manage crisis situations on the road;
  • Complete varied missions and challenges;
  • Upgrade your road assistance vehicles;
  • Expand your auto repair shop;
  • Get involved in intrigues within the industry and fight for market dominance.

2023 may seem a long old way off, but when it does arrive prepare yourself for the chance to join Roadside Assistance Simulator on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Switch and PC through Steam

In the meantime, hit up the reveal trailer below. 

Roadside Assistance Simulator – Official Reveal Trailer:

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