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EA Sports may have decades of football experience under their belt, and they may love an annual release of Madden, but a relative newcomer to the scene is that of UFC. Since the sport blew up in popularity, it has been EA who have attempted to push out a virtual representation of just what goes on in the Octagon, with multiple efforts since the original back in 2014. Well, here we are in 2020 and EA are back, doing what they do best by delivering the most authentic, most fluid, most overhauled UFC game yet. And in UFC 4 on Xbox One and PS4, you don’t just get to shape your own fight style – you get to shape your entire legend.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and PS4, EA Sports UFC 4 is the latest instalment in the ever-growing sports genre. A series that is bi-annual in design rather than the usual route that EA take with the likes of FIFA and Madden, since UFC 2 in 2016 and UFC 3 back in 2018 you would think that a whole world of development ideas have gone into this latest title.

And you’d probably be right. In UFC 4 you get to choose your own fight style, you get to develop and customise your own character and you go to try and take that fighter from the world of the unknown, right up to the greatest, most notorious of all time.

EA Sports UFC 4 will let you fight in a variety of locations, starting off with the standard backyard, before taking in what the world has to offer. Whether it be the Career Mode that is your go-to, or the new Blitz Battles, or even the Online World Championships, in EA Sports UFC 4, the opportunity to become the undisputed champion of the world is yours to grab.

If you’re a fan of the sport, a fan of the gaming franchise, a fan of EA, or just a fan of games in general and want to roll around in a tight-knit battle, then picking up a copy of EA Sports UFC 4 should well be considered. It’s priced at £59.99 from the Xbox Store, and you’ll also find it on the PlayStation Store, but there’s also a free trial available to those who hold an EA Access pass. If you do have that to your name, a lovely 10% discount on the asking price kicks in too.

And if you really, really, like what you find, you may wish to grab some of the multitude DLC packs that are also available – if only so you can drag AJ, Tyson Fury and Bruce Lee into the fight. All of the following are also available form the digital stores

  • Bruce Lee Bantamweight – £1.59
  • Tyson Fury – Free
  • Anthony Johsua – Free
  • Kumite Customization Pack – £5.99
  • Backyard Customization Pack – £5.99
  • Fighter & Customization bundle – £14.99
  • Backyard & Kumite – £11.99
  • 500 UFC Points – £3.99
  • 250 UFC Points – £1.79
  • 100 UFC Points – £0.71
  • 1050 UFC Points – £7.19
  • 1600 UFC Points – £11.99
  • 2200 UFC Points – £15.99
  • 750 UFC Points – £5.99
  • 12000 UFC Points – £71.99
  • 4600 UFC Points – £31.99

So, will you be picking up UFC 4? Do you need a review before nailing down a purchase? We’ll have some thoughts coming your way in the days and weeks ahead. Keep an eye out.

Game Description:

Shape Your Legend in EA SPORTS™ UFC® 4. In EA SPORTS UFC 4 the fighter you become is shaped by your fight style, your achievements, and your personality. Develop and customize your character through a unified progression system across all modes. Go from unknown amateur to UFC superstar in the new Career Mode, experience the origins of combat sports in two all-new environments, The Kumite and The Backyard, or challenge the world in new Blitz Battles or Online World Championships to become the undisputed champ. In gameplay, fluid clinch-to-strike combinations offer more responsive and authentic stand-up gameplay, while overhauled takedown and ground mechanics deliver more control in those key phases of the fight. No matter how, or where, you play EA SPORTS UFC 4 puts ‘you’ at the center of every fight.

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