STYX: Master of Shadows is due for release in September and to celebrate the opening of the new official website, Cyanide Studios have released a new ‘summer’ trailer.

Inviting us to follow Styx, the two-century old Goblin whose main occupation is thievery and assassination, Cyanide want to take us on a journey as he begins infiltrating the huge Tower of Akenash. It is in this immense tower that is jealously kept hidden by elves, humans and other fantasy creatures, the World-Tree and its Heart, source of the precious Amber.

The new official site is a treasure-trove of information about the game, its story, gameplay mechanics, and the special skills of Styx, filled with screenshots, unseen artwork and gameplay videos.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get a sneak peek at what awaits when you will start your ascension of the Tower of Akenash!




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