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You may have heard of the irresistible force coming up against an immovable object, but have you heard about Aftercharge on Xbox One – the one about the invisible robots coming up against the invincible security squad?

Available now on Xbox One – and also as an Xbox Game Pass title – Aftercharge pits those teams together in a 3v3 shooter that has the security team defending energy extractors dotted around the map, whilst the robots must destroy them using invisibility to their advantage. Who will come out on top? That’s where you and your buddies come in!

It’s a novel idea and an original take on the team-based shooter, but Aftercharge also looks the part: neon-soaked vistas and a mix of natural surroundings and futuristic buildings keep the maps looking fresh and vibrant. Even the trees glow brightly, just don’t be distracted for too long!

As with most shooters nowadays, Aftercharge offers class-based characters also. There are 10 to be precise and five for each team, all as unique as each other featuring different abilities and weapons to ensure you are the team at the end of the quick, competitive rounds that has control of the energy extractors.

Aftercharge requires you to play as a team: The robots cannot kill the Enforcers and the Enforcers only have limited ammo. That ammo can only be recharged at the energy extractors themselves, or maybe there is a character class that can deploy recharge stations?

As the robots, or Workonics, you can revive your teammates, providing you are close enough. There is no cooldown to reviving either, so expect to be doing a lot of it!

Aftercharge on Xbox One is available to download right now priced at £16.74, or for free if you are a Xbox Game Pass owner as the game is available through the subscription service on release day too! Get over to the Xbox Store to grab it. There is also cross-platform play between PC and Xbox from Day One, with Nintendo Switch coming soon after.

Will this be the game of 2019 for you and your friends to dominate in? Let us know in the comments  

Game Description:

Aftercharge is an asymmetrical 3 vs 3 first-person online game that pits invisible robots against invincible security guards in quick-paced skirmishes. The robots must sabotage the generators dispersed all over the map while the guards are tasked to spot them and stop them. The game is asymmetrical in design as the two teams not only have different objectives and different abilities but also offer wildly different play styles. Playing robots is all about sneaking around, creating distractions and coordinating attacks. Playing guards require careful positioning, good communication and quick reactions. Aftercharge borrows elements from other competitive shooters but plays around with rules of the genre like ammo management, health, respawn, etc. to create a competitive experience that’s fresh, centered on teamplay, and very approachable.

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