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Are you ready for an epic new track and some even more epic new cars? If you’re a Wreckfest player then the Super Truck Showdown and new Off-Road Car Pack should well be yours – and you don’t necessarily need to stump up any cash either. 

Available to add into your Wreckfest experience right now, no matter whether you are on Xbox, PlayStation or PC, the latest two additions to the metal-crunching madness are sure to delight. 

Taking the free option first and the new Super Truck Showdown Tournament arrives for zero cost, as players get the opportunity to race, crash and bash their way across both dirt and tarmac. It is this tournament which is home to the Rattlesnake Racepark as Wreckfest attempts to pay homage to some proper super truck dirt action – expect to find yourself taking in steep jumps, technical turns and majestic mountain scenery. Or of course you could just set all sights on your nearest rival and attempt to use them as a brake. Anything and everything goes in Wreckfest.

Further to the new free Super Truck Showdown comes the fourth and final Car Pack to be delivered through Wreckfest’s Season Pass Two. Following on from the Getaway Car pack, the Racing Heroes Car Pack and the Reckless Car Pack, the Off-Road Car Pack does as you would expect – pushing out three new off-road vehicles for your enjoyment. 

wreckfest off road cars

These come in the form of the gorgeous Trooper, the Sandstorm and the superb looking Trophy Runner with each and every one of these capable of mixing it with the best of the Wreckfest grid. 

  • Trooper: This legendary American beast is built to last, and will take you to off-road hell and back without breaking a sweat.
  • Trophy Runner: Previously a workhorse from Asia, this custom-built super truck will give anything a run for its money on dirt.
  • Sandstorm: This mean machine eats dirt like there’s no tomorrow, and excels on twisty off-road tracks with tight corners!

You’ll find the Off-Road Car Pack costing the usual £3.29 unless you have a previous purchase of Season Pass 2 in hand. 

Check out the trailer below for further insight into how the Super Truck Showdown and Off-Road Car Pack will mix up the Wreckfest racing. Then fire up the game and prove yourself as the best demolition derby racer there has ever been. 

Obviously you’ll need a copy of Wreckfest in order to enjoy this latest content. With it currently working the Xbox Game Pass route, there’s next to no reason why you shouldn’t have played it yet. 

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