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Time-traveling platformer YesterMorrow warps onto Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC


Her world got destroyed and her family has been kidnapped. You must join heroine Yui in a desperate bid to save everything she loved through a puzzling platforming adventure centred on light and darkness. It’s going to require a spot of time manipulation to accomplish her goal in YesterMorrow, out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

YesterMorrow is a 2D platformer with both time-travelling and puzzling elements involved within the adventure. Prepare to begin a journey of light and darkness as Yui, a young girl who’s been thrown into extraordinary circumstances. You’ll travel between different timelines, braving the post-apocalyptic present in hopes of restoring the blissful past. The plan is to bring down the Shadows, the ones who destroyed Yui’s home and stole the Sun from the sky. In order to do so though, Yui needs to master the Everlight, which is a mystical force granting strange powers.

Alternating between eras is a crucial part while traversing four islands on a mission to repair the arcane tower that holds within it the key to control the flow of time. Take the fight to the Shadows with the ability to launch energy bombs, freeze time, and more, before turning back the clock in search of secrets and clues. Ultimately, the end-goal is to restore the Sun to its rightful place and save Yui’s family from a dark fate.

Along the way, solving time-bending puzzles becomes a past-time. This leads you to uncover hidden passageways in one reality that make it possible to progress in another. Get ready to climb through dense forests, scour desert ruins, and brave the icy caverns, all of which are brought to life with lovely retro-inspired pixel art that adds a vivid sense of atmosphere to the adventure.

Want to know more about Yui’s quest in YesterMorrow? Then we’d highly recommend a read of our full review, before traversing over to the Xbox Store, where it’s discounted for two weeks to £12.55 – usually £16.74. Alternatively, you could grab it from the digital stores for either of the other aforementioned platforms. Whatever your decision, if you can spare the time, leave your thoughts regarding YesterMorrow in the comments section below.

Game Description:

Through her journey, Yui will: – Learn the mysteries of Everlight that will grant her the power to wield special abilities and cleanse the world from the Shadows. – Traverse across two different timelines, enjoying the serene calmness of the past and battling her way through the corrupted world of the future. – Explore the vast world of YesterMorrow, spanning four distinct islands: visit lush forests, abandoned deserts, hardened icy tundras and finally, the Island of Time, where she will fight to change the fate of her world! – Encounter dozens of colourful creatures and take on challenging bosses. – Solve puzzles and find new ways to use the environment to her advantage! – Locate hidden areas, collecting power ups and lore entries detailing the world and its inhabitants. – Pet all the animals!

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