Another week has flown by and that means we’ve got another seven days worth of news, reviews and videos in TheXboxHub’s locker. Now it’s time to go over our favourite pieces from 15th-21st May 2016, sharing them with you in a neat little round up.

Soul Axiom to arrive in June 2016. Xbox One to get exclusive content

Soul Axiom, an upcoming first person sci-fi adventure puzzle game, got a confirmed release date which will see it hit the Xbox store on June 8th this year. It already sounds like it’s jam-packed full of puzzles, distinct locations and multiple endings, but if you’re an Xbox One owner then the deal is even sweeter. There’s a whole chapter of exclusive content and a digital copy of the art book to have a gander at all manner of designs seen in Soul Axiom.

What more could you ask for?


The Park Review

Story driven experiences are popping up more frequently these days, where you go along for the ride but don’t have much impact of the overall goings on. The Park is one of these games.

Billed as a horror, we certainly felt disturbingly scary moments at time however, they didn’t occur often enough for our liking in what turned out to be a rather short experience on the whole. There was an interesting story present, yet overall The Park fell short of its potential as you will understand by reading our full review.

the park pic 2

It’s time to revisit Arkham as Warner Bros announce Batman: Return to Arkham. New screens and trailer!

Holy guacamole Batman’s back! For a moment, after hearing there was a new game coming from Warner Bros. we got all excited and then we realised that’s not going to happen. Return to Arkham is the next best thing though, a collaboration of two great Batman games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, being remastered. With visual makeovers and all previously released Game of the Year edition content, this could be a great way to enter the madhouse for the first time or for seasoned heroes to relive the best that Batman has to offer.


Battle Worlds: Kronos Review

It’s not secret, we wanted Battle Worlds: Kronos to be the next Command & Conquer and if you have a quick glance you’d think it was of the same ilk. Sadly, there was too much information being pelted at us and the whole experience was irritatingly slow. If you can handle that though, there’s a real challenge to be taken on and plenty of campaign play to get stuck into.

Still unsure about Battle Worlds: Kronos? Get the full lowdown in our review.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 announced by Bandai Namco!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse was a refreshing take on the stories we’ve all seen been, mainly because we could create our own character to relive historical events in the timeline. With a sequel on the way, Dragon Ball fans should be readying themselves for an even better offering that’s aiming to be the most expansive and detailed game to date.

That’s all we know for now and so, we leave you with the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 announcement trailer and bid you farewell for another week.

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