Feast your eyes on the decent selection of games hitting the retailers for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 this coming week. It’s a varied bunch, that’s for sure.

Overwatch – 24th May – Xbox One

Overwatch pack

Overwatch is a team-based shooter where you’ll be doing battle across the planet to restore peace in a war-torn period. Prepare to assault various locations to capture objectives or escort a payload to its delivery point. Featuring a vast array of unique playable heroes such as a time-jumping adventurer or an android, finding the ideal one for you is only half the job because the character’s abilities will need to be fully utilized in order to be beneficial to your team. Are you ready to Tank your way to glory?

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £42.00

overwatch pic 1

Tropico 5 Penultimate Edition – 27th May – Xbox One


Have you ever fancied having yourself planted firmly into the shoes of El Presidente, on your very own island? Well, in Tropico 5, you’ll be tasked with doing this whilst reigning and surviving through the ages, past the World Wars, the Great Depression and even further on after the Cold War and beyond. This Penultimate Edition doesn’t just contain the full game, but also all five DLC packs including The Big Cheese and Hostile Takeover. There’s even more to do when you take into account the cooperative and competitive multiplayer, which will add an extra dimension to proceedings.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £32.48


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan – 27th May – Xbox One & Xbox 360


Those turtles in a half-shell are back with a new developer behind it, who’ll bring fast paced combat to the forefront. Take to the streets of New York City in this original story feature all your favourite baddies like Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady. The powerful team combos will come into full effect in the online four player co-op mode as you battle the dark forces of Manhattan. Turtle power might just be as strong as it’s ever been.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £31.99 (One) or £24.49 (360)

turtles pic 1

Of course, if you don’t want to buy your games in disc format, you could always get involved with a digital download. Buy your points from here and save money on each digital download you make!

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