wwe 2k22 clowning around

We’ve seen a host of new downloadable content drops arrive for WWE 2K22 over the last couple of months, but we think that the Clowning Around addition is the best yet. 

Building out the WWE 2K22 roster, the Clowning Around Pack adds in no less than six new stars to the playable options that are already in-game. 

It comes in on the back of the Banzai Pack, the Most Wanted Pack and the Stand Back Pack, sitting pretty ahead of launch of The Whole Dam Pack later on in July. And whilst all those options have been found to add in some pretty big names to the WWE 2K22 world, there’s possibly none bigger than those found this time around. 

So, what have we got in the Clowning Around Pack? Well, there are six new brawlers taking to the ring here, with the likes of Doink the Clown and Ronda Rousey the biggest of names. 

At least they’re the biggest names until you realise that The British Bulldog is in place too, oh, and so it the one and only Mr. T too. 

Rounding out the Clowning Around Pack for WWE 2K22 is Doudrop and Rick Boogs. Seriously, what more could you ask for from a downloadable content drop for the best wrestling game in years?

Not much if we’re honest and so if you wish to find all these wrestling names added to your WWE 2K22 game – and you’ll obviously need the base game to hand in order to do so – just head to the digital store of your choosing and grab the DLC. You’ll find it kicking around on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from the Xbox Store (£7.99), the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5 and on PC. 

Let us know down in the comments or on the usual socials if you decide to pick this up.

DLC Description:

The Clowning Around Pack is no laughing matter, featuring Doink the Clown, Ronda Rousey, Rick Boogs, Mr. T, Doudrop, and The British Bulldog. Each playable Superstar also comes with their own EVO MyFACTION card. The Clowning Around Pack is also included in the WWE 2K22 Season Pass.

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