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It’s hard for a week to go by without the Xbox Game Pass library being boosted in one way or another. Today it’s the arrival of 3 new titles to the scheme which has Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players excited, especially as one of those is a much loved sim, and the other two are dropping in as debut titles. 

We’ll take the two debut titles first and as our separate launch pieces for each of those will state, it’s Twelve Minutes and Recompile that join the Xbox Game Pass fun. 

If you’re unaware of either game, then Twelve Minutes is one of the most hotly anticipated time loop sagas of recent times, pushed along by a brilliant narrative and some serious names from the voice acting business – Willem Dafoe, James McAvoy and the brilliant Daisy Ridley. 

The premise of the game is simple, take a 12 minute time loop and try to escape it – if only as being done for a murder you didn’t (well, we guess you didn’t) commit is no fun and games. It’s our full review of Twelve Minutes that should be taken in so you can get a grasp of the idea at hand and whilst we won’t spoil the story or even how we rated it, you can be sure that with the Annapurna Interactive name behind it, it’s going to be pretty special. 

Accompanying Twelve Minutes as a debut title making the most of Game Pass is Recompile. This Metroidvania mainframe hacking affair lands on Xbox (and PS5 and PC for that matter), but utilises Game Pass in order to hit the largest audience possible. 

It’s a game that promises much as you take charge of a semi-sapient program which is fighting against life ending deletion. It all takes place with 1 second of our real Earth time, but with a variety of endings, plenty of fights and tons of hacking, it certainly seems like there’s plenty to get involved in. We’re currently working on a full review of Recompile and will let you know how that goes once we’re ready to drop some thoughts. In the meantime, you’ll find it available for download from the Xbox Store

But then there’s one more game which has also stopped off at the Xbox Game Pass station today – the brilliantly detailed Train Sim World 2

We’re big fans of what Dovetail Games create, having spent more hours than we care to remember with the original Train Sim World, and now with the sequel. We wouldn’t exactly call ourselves train buffs or owt, but that’s where the beauty of Train Sim World 2 comes in – giving all kinds of players the chance to head into the driver’s seat of some of the finest trains – and those of the London Underground – before heading on out across the tracks in order to safely dispatch your passengers. 

Think of it as Microsoft Flight Simulator but on the railways, and well, you’ll be somewhere near. 

Train Sim World 2 also comes with a host of DLC and so if you like what you are seeing through Xbox Game Pass, will no doubt be tempted in there. Personally, we love a trip to the Isle of Wight, but the options are near endless with this title. 

In all it’s a great day for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players, particularly if they have a valid Xbox Game Pass subscription (and if you don’t, why not!?!). All you need to do is head to the Xbox Store, pick the poison of your choosing and get some downloads moving. With the 3 games that are hitting the scheme today, you can’t really go wrong. 

Let us know in the comments which you decide to pick up. 

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