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We’ve had four seasons of content, with new drops arriving on a fairly regular fortnightly basis, but that doesn’t mean Codemasters are done with their rally monster yet. Today a further trio of cars have been added to the ever-burgeoning DiRT Rally 2.0 start line.

Available right now to purchase and add in to DiRT Rally 2.0 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC are new motors from Mini, Renault and Ford, with the superminis taking centre stage.

This sees the iconic MINI Cooper arrive in S1X form; a unique take on the usual proceedings and one that Oliver Bennett drove in 2018. With a brand new carbon body and a team with high hopes, should you wish to take to the DiRT Rally tracks in an absolute icon, the option is now here.

dirt rally mini cooper

Further to that though and we see Ford arrive with the heavily modified Fiesta Rallycross (STARD) returning – a car that has an unrivalled record and works as a perfect platform fo the privateer to enjoy. Ford’s Fiesta is also joined by a new French offering, the stunning looking Renault Clio R.S. RX; a car that was driven by RX2 pilots Cyril Raymond and Guilaume De Ridder previously. Now though, that car can be yours.

Each of the new cars from MINI, Renault and Ford are available for a £1.19 price tag, and so it’s easy to understand that purchasing any of these latest rally beasts is a fairly simple, pretty cheap, option.

You will of course need the base game of DiRT Rally 2.0 to hand, but with a place on the Xbox Game Pass seeing free access to all Xbox One subscribers, it’s not too tricky to invole yourself. Even if you don’t subscribe to the brilliant Game Pass then a purchase of the game from the usual digital stores – Xbox One, PS4 or PC – is a more than viable option.

Let us know which of the latest cars to hit DiRT Rally 2.0 you’ll be picking up. The comments section is right down below.

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informative thank you