The great thing about shows such as EGX is that no matter how far through the development stage a game is, there will always be something to show off.

This year I was lucky enough to go hands on with multiple games, some of which are still a long way off from arriving on my preferred format – Xbox One. But which of those numerous games stood out as titles to keep a seriously close eye on? Well this little lot are hugely interesting.

Shoppe Keep 2

Whilst Shoppe Keep 2 is fast approaching a PC release, over here in Xbox land, we’re still awaiting the first game. Word on the street is that it’ll be here very soon, and, even with some fairly crude visuals due to its alpha build, it is definitely something to look out for. Especially if you want something a bit different.

You see, Shoppe Keep (and the sequel) takes you away from being the hero and refuses to let you be the bad guy. Instead you are the humble shopkeeper who must kit the true heroes out in style – all whilst making as much money as you possibly can.

You’ll need to ensure that your stalls are well stocked at all times, with prices relevant to the world around you. For if you don’t, then the videogame heroes who are in dire need of those all-important weapons and gear will just take their money and go elsewhere.

And that’s the last thing a shopkeeper would want.

Lost Words

When you’ve got Rhianna Pratchett on board, you really do need a game to go along with the glorious wordplay that is being served up. Lost Words already looks like it’ll be doing that.

A platformer that plays on words – quite literally – Lost Words will see you trying to solve puzzles by adding, removing and amending words in order to tell a story and let you experience the full fantasy world of Estoria, a place which will make those words even more powerful.

With an absolutely beautiful visual style, and a massive focus on a story that should be taken in by many, Lost Words is looking set for a 2018 release. And judging by the amount of recognition, and the buzz surrounding it at EGX, that release can’t come soon enough.

It took me a couple of days to actually go hands on with Lost Words, but every single time I was in its vicinity, it was the game that drew my attention. And seeing as the guys behind it were setup next to the awesome Q.U.B.E. 2, that says something.

Shift Quantum

Okay, so I didn’t ask the obvious question but if I was the creator of this delightful puzzler, I really would have wanted to call it Quantum Shift. But I guess the lawsuit probably isn’t worth taking on.

Anyways, Shift Quantum really does mess with your mind – and not just because the title is ever so close to that stunning experience created by Remedy Games.

Shift Quantum is a cyber noir puzzling platformer that throws you into numerous puzzles before asking you to get back out of them again. But the thing is, Shift Quantum comes with one majorly unique game mechanic – the opportunity to shift. It is this which sees your world change from black to white, and back again, as you mess with negative space in order to overcome barriers and make good your escape.

Without a word of a lie, Shift Quantum will mess with your head, but in a world full of puzzle games, that ain’t a bad thing at all.  

Genesis Alpha One

Whilst Yoku’s Island Express stole the show for me, the game being shown off right next door was also an interesting proposition.

With Team17 behind things, Genesis Alpha One could well be the next big ship building indie hit. It could also be the next first person shooting indie hit. For it combines both of those genres with relative success.

Still in the early stages of development – with no firm release date or even format availability to be spoken of – there was however enough on show for me to understand that Alpha One could be a draw for many. The constantly busy booth, filled with gamers of all ages, just hammered home that fact.

But what is it? Well, Genesis Alpha One allows you to explore a huge randomly generated universe as you attempt to build the best damn ship the galaxy has ever seen, whilst saving humanity from extinction. You’ll need to ensure you have a decent crew at hand too – if only in order to fight off the alien species that will try to make your ship their home – as you head on out and scavenge as many resources as you can. But when you get bored of the ship building, and the intricacies that entails, Genesis Alpha One lets you jump straight into the action, with a gun in hand as you explore the depths of your ship and save it from utter alien destruction. 

And you’re not telling me you don’t want the opportunity to experience that for yourself?!


So there we have it. They may not have been the games that totally stole the show, and they may still be some way from release, but if you like your gaming and are looking for the next big hit, then the titles listed above will most definitely warrant a bit of your time.

Did you play any of these games at EGX 2017? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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