2018 has been a great year for gaming. We’ve been treated to some stunning AAA additions, some hugely addictive indie titles and some games that do nothing but deliver the weird. But what are the games of 2018 which made us go wow? We take a look.

Watch as Gareth runs us through the 5 games that made him go wow in 2018… for both good and bad reasons. As sure as eggs are eggs, the blockbusting likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Forza Horizon 4 are included, but how does Construction Simulator 2 and the brilliant Train Sim World find a place in the wow moments of 2018? Well, it certainly won’t be for the reasons you were thinking.

The only way you will find out is by watching the video below. You can however be sure that the games listed were all released in 2018 on Xbox One, with many always launching on PS4 and PC too.

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