New hits for the Xbox are coming thick and fast in the next few months. Whether it’s the return of some old favourites, or some interesting, mysterious new games, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.

Here we give you the lowdown of five of the most exciting new releases to keep us entertained.


Coming October 1, September 27 for pre-orders

The latest edition of the football money-spinner features the exciting Hypermotion technology, which promises the most realistic gameplay ever. AI technology analysed over 8 million frames of genuine player movement to produce the most authentic set of movements and interactions between players.

In addition, you will find upgrades on the goalkeeper system with more enhanced animations and better reliability. A more comprehensive range of attacking options are at your disposal, including the option to change tactics depending on what half the ball is in.

Fifa 22

Career mode has also been improved. Now you can create a new club from scratch and compete for glory. The commentary will even use your selected name. A vast series of customisations are at your disposal. 

Women’s football is also better represented, along with much more. Never one to miss for football fans!

Far Cry 6

Coming October 7

Take on the role of guerrilla fighter Dani Rojas (you choose the gender of Dani) as you try and topple the vicious dictator Antón Castillo on a paradise island, inspired by Cuba and which is the largest Far Cry playground yet.

Ubisoft has spent years developing and researching the story, including visits to Cuba for real-world inspiration. This promises to be a thrilling game that mixes vintage cars and colonial buildings with the best modern weaponry.


Like previous games in the series, players hire colleagues to fight, use an array of weaponry to complete missions, and drive various vehicles. 

The trailer promises an authentic story arc, stunning graphics and animations, realistic dialogue, and incredible gameplay. Far Cry 6 is one to get excited about!

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Coming October 26

Another game that has been in the pipeline for years, having first leaked in early 2017. This will be the first Marvel game mixing elements from the famous comics and influences from the super successful film franchise.

Play as Star-Lord, leading a group of aliens on an epic adventure. Set 12 years after a huge galactic war, you’ll have to stop a new threat to the galaxy, one for which you are partly responsible.

That adds an interesting dimension to the game, which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Decision-based gameplay and dialogue options keep you invested all the way through, and over 30 licensed music tracks make for a seriously cool soundtrack.

You need to work out how best to use your team’s ability, mixing attacks with correct gameplay choices, and using the ‘Huddle’ feature to give motivational speeches to your team effectively. 

Interestingly, the game will not feature any microtransactions, and there will be no extra downloadable content. 

Reviews so far have been mixed, so this is a game that could either flop or find a natural home with Marvel fans. Either way, it’s an exciting development, and there’s only one way to find out if we like it – play it!


Call of Duty: Vanguard

Coming November 5

We can’t leave off the latest Call of Duty edition – the 18th (!) in the series – from this list. Head back to the Second World War and be part of the story of four characters that lived through the time. 

Your single-player campaign spans four fronts of WW2, including Europe, the Pacific, and North Africa. Missions are based on the stories of real-world military personal. 

Call of Duty: Vanguard

New gameplay features include the ability to use a more advanced strategical approach in combat. You can blind fire from behind cover, break through destructible environmental elements, and complete objectives by climbing walls. Naturally, graphics improvements make for an even more impactful experience. 

The popular multi-player function boasts new improvements with exciting new maps and a ‘Champion Hill’ mode where you fight to be the last man standing. A new anti-cheat system is a welcome addition to a game that has lost a bit of its appeal due to the number of online cheats.

A new Call of Duty release is always a big deal, and all the signs so far point to this being a welcome addition to the ever-popular series. 


Coming 2022 (date not confirmed)

A wildcard inclusion on this list, Capcom’s Pragmata got tongues wagging when the announcement trailer was released back in June.

Despite not showing any actual gameplay, the game’s futuristic setting and sleek graphics and animations got people very excited. What is it? No one actually knows. 


The official Xbox website describes Pragmata as ‘an all-new action adventure title that depicts a near-future dystopian world on the moon through a deeply profound story and setting.’

Earth is depicted as ‘freedom’, so perhaps we must complete missions on the moon to escape and reach Earth. Maybe.

There are also clues this could be the first in a new franchise, exciting as there are so few genuinely new creations in gaming these days. However, there is always innovation with Refuel Casino Games if you are looking for a different gaming experience.

Capcom games generally have a good reputation, so it will be interesting to see what they have come up with. Here’s hoping for an innovative science-fiction blockbuster of a game!