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When Dovetail Games delivered Train Sim World 2 to the gaming worlds, they promised there would be more to come, with content purchased by those who picked up the original game magically transported over into the sequel thanks to the power of the Preserved Collection. Well, that time is now as 7 new DLC packs come to Train Sim World 2.

Available to purchase and add in to your Train Sim World 2 game this very minute are 7 of the best DLC packs that originally arrived in Train Sim World, working their way across as part of the Preserved Collection that was promised by Dovetail upon release. But even if you didn’t play the original game, and even if you haven’t previously purchase these packs, you can still get in on the action, with each and every one available to purchase as an individual buy.

So what do we have today? Well, there’s the chance to hit the Long Island Rail Road, there’s the opportunity to work with the DB BR 155, the BR Class 31 and the Chopper – the BR Class 20. You’ll also be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Ruhr-Sieg Nord, the Tees Vally Line: Darlington – Saltburn amongst others. Basically, loads of reasons to fire up the game once more.

With the base game of Train Sim World 2 in place, heading to your favoured digital store will allow you to pick up any/all of the following DLC packs, unless of course you bought them for the original Train Sim World in which case they’ll transfer over…

Should you be looking for a new reason to head to the railways or just can’t turn down the opportunity to work with some new locos, then the latest Train Sim World 2 DLC is for you. Let us know which of the packs you decide to grab.

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Charles Wolff
Charles Wolff
2 years ago

Ok so I purchased train sim world 2020 and it was ok. I purchased train sim world 2 and now find myself waiting for my add on’s to transfer over. I’m sure there is a big difference between the game for pc and xbox one x. I hope someone is going to get the bugs out of the console version and I hope it will be soon. I find myself running the original microsoft train sim and am considering sticking with it. Maple leaf tracks as well as a few other software companies are going to get my business if things don’t change. Just purchased the Norfolf Southern Loco pack from Maple Leaf and I like it alot. Waiting to see what shakes out. I do have to admit that the ICE train route is awesome.