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A modern retelling – King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is available early on Xbox and PlayStation


King Arthur Knights Tale Keyart
King Arthur Knights Tale is on Xbox and PlayStation

A tale of the ages, NeocoreGames look to twist things up a little, combining turn-based tactics with character-driven RPG elements. And they are looking to do it in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale on Xbox and PlayStation. 

The official ‘street’ date for release of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is February 22nd 2024. But as is fast becoming the norm, there is a way of gaining access to the modern retelling of classic Arthurian myth right now. In fact, if you have an Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5 to hand, you can be playing this very second – or at least once your download has got a shift along. 

An adventure that looks set for a King, in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale you’ll be dropped into a dark fantasy world, one that promises to deliver a bit of a twist on the usual, more traditional forms of chivalry. 

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale has you playing through life of Sir Modred; the killer of Arthur. The thing is, as death was bestowed, he took you out too and you died together. At least, you thought you died together and instead, it seems like you both lived. On the call of the Lady of the Lake, you must finish your mission… 

What plays out in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a role-playing tactical game. A game focused on the round table, on loyalty, on decision making and more. The question is, how will you navigate through the life and world on offer in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale?

Key features

  • A ROLE-PLAYING TACTICAL GAME – Experience a unique hybrid between tactical games and character-centric RPGs! This dark fantasy version of the Arthurian myth invites you to manage a team of heroes on the dangerous battlefield, while also engaging in moral choices, hero management, and the rebuilding of Camelot.
  • A NEW MONARCH – You are Mordred, brought back to life to find the undying mad king Arthur, and ultimately, kill him to end this accursed condition. Your personality shaped by your actions and moral choices, and the Morality Chart represents your status between Christianity and Old Faith, Tyranny and Righteousness.
  • THE ROUND TABLE – Gather your knights and send them on quests involving deep, tactical battles! Assemble a team of heroes from six diverse classes, level up, gain unique skills, equip the best items. Heroes can die, the treatment of their injuries and afflictions takes time. Make sure that Camelot has the right facilities for recovery, prepare different heroes for various quests!
  • LOYALTY – Heroes have their own goals, rivalries, unique traits, skills and bond benefits. Settle disputes, grant favours, select heroes who can work together, send them on missions they’re fit for. Careful, their loyalty depends on many factors – they can even turn against you!
  • DECISIONS – Decisions matter, whether selecting actions in the turn-based combat or making choices that affect the story. Each playthrough can unfold differently, branching in unexpected ways.
  • ENDGAME – After the campaign the endgame unlocks, reserved only for the bravest. Tough new challenges appear on the map with mythic bossfights, random quests, more loot and character progression. Banish Balor, the monstrous god-king of the Fomorians!

Buy and play now

You can buy and play King Arthur: Knight’s Tale right now, early, ahead of official street release. That happens due to the unique way that King Arthur: Knight’s Tale pre-orders are presented – hop over to the Xbox Store, pay up the £37.49 required and you’ll get access some 3 days ahead of launch. It is only available on Xbox Series X|S though – you can’t play this one on Xbox One. 

You’ll also be treated to a number of skins and DLC drops too. Seems a bit weird to miss out on all of the following eh?

  • The base game
  • Early access to the game, 72 hours before the official launch
  • Painted Devils DLC, including 10 uniquely designed skirmish maps with five difficulty settings
  • Rogues and Renegades DLC, including 10 uniquely designed skirmish maps with five difficulty settings
  • Camelot’s Fortune Pack, including a Unique Relic Item, which grants an extra skill to a Hero and lots of resources, consumables and scrolls
  • Sir Mordred cosmetic skin
  • Lady Dindraine cosmetic skin

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is also on PlayStation 5. 

Stay tuned for our full review of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale on Xbox Series X|S. 

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Description

Play as Sir Mordred, the former black knight of the grim tales. You killed King Arthur, but with his dying breath, he struck you down. You both died – and yet, you both live. The Lady of the Lake wants you to finish what you have begun… in the twisted, dark realm of Avalon!

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