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We adored Insurgency: Sandstorm when it swept onto Xbox and PlayStation consoles at the back end of 2021. In fact, there were elements about it that were nothing but phenomenal. Today though it’s all about the chance to expand that game, as a number of new DLC packs arrive, letting players build out their Insurgency experience how they see fit. 

Available to purchase, download and add into Insurgency: Sandstorm right now are five downloadable content packs, with four of those being combined under one Glasshouse Set Bundle banner. 

You’ll need the base game to hand in order to enjoy what these DLC drops bring in, but should you be sorted there already then will find the Glasshouse Set Bundle contains The Brute Gear Set, S.O.R.T. Gear Set, Woodland Weapons Skin Set and the Carbon Fibre Weapon Skin Set. 

The Brute Gear Set gives access to seven new cosmetic gear pieces, , whilst the S.O.R.T. Gear Set adds in six security based items. From there we’ve got the Woodland Weapon Skin Set which will give you the chance to apply any one of the skins found within to six different weapons. The Carbon Fibre Weapon Skin Set does similar – just it includes a carbon fibre theme throughout. 

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Each of the various packs will cost you £2.49 to download, but the full Glasshouse Set Bundle will deliver everything your way for a cool £7.99, bringing the cost of the purchases down considerably. Better still is if you’ve previously purchased the Year 2 Pass or Gold Edition of Insurgency: Sandstorm, for the Glasshouse Set is already included in those. 

We’re not expecting much change in terms of gameplay with the addition of any of these DLC sets, but should you be a fan of Insurgency: Sandstorm (and honestly, it’s flipping great), then it should well be worth your time adding one or two of these in. 

You’ll find the Xbox Store links for each pack in the bold text above. These should also be kicking around on PlayStation too. 

Let us know which you grab. 

You can play Insurgency: Sandstorm on Xbox, PlayStation or PC.

Glasshouse Set Bundle Description:

Take complete control of a prison break with the Operation: Glasshouse Set Bundle of premium gear items and weapon skins. The Glasshouse Set Bundle contains the following DLC sets: • S.O.R.T Gear Set for Security • Brute Gear Set for Insurgents • Woodland Weapon Skin for Security • Carbon Fiber Weapon Skin for Insurgents This bundle gives access to all four Operation: Glasshouse DLC sets at a reduced price. The Glasshouse Set Bundle is included in the Year 2 Pass, and the Gold Edition.

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