The E3 madness has calmed down a little and we’ve had a fairly quiet week news wise. Still plenty to discuss though so read on for our best Xbox One and Xbox 360 news and reviews from the last seven days….albeit a brief one!

First up we’ve got to mention a couple of new Xbox One releases. Both Outlast and Sixty Second Shooter Prime popped up on the One Games Store last week and whilst they are both very different games, both seem to be reasonably decent value for money. We’ll have a full review of Sixty Second Shooter Prime up for you soon, but with a price point of less than £4, you’d be pretty crazy to miss it.

Also becoming available in the last week on Xbox One was the first episode of Every Street United. The inaugural Xbox Original title, ESU follows the fortunes of a group of soccer street stars being coached by Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids across a number of episodes. The first is available now (for free!) and James gave us his thoughts shortly after it went live, Keep an eye out for his opinion on the second episode some time in the next week.


Away from the Xbox One and the 360 has proved itself to be alive and kicking once again. The are two new Games With Gold titles available to download for free and Xbox Live Gold members should be more than happy to see Charlie Murder and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition gracing their consoles. Be quick to grab the downloads mind as the price will shoot back up again once the month of July is over.

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There was also a brand new game arriving on 360 last week in the form of Mutant Blobs Attack. Originally a PS Vita title, Mutant Blobs has transferred extremely well to Xbox, receiving a full 5/5 rating in our review.

And finally we managed to grab a full hands on preview of the upcoming Xbox 360 title, GRID: Autosport. Out next week, GRID is back with a bang and you can read our full preview thoughts prior to the game hitting home.

Thanks once again for all the retweets, likes, +1’s and shares in the last week. Many have come about as part of our current Call of Duty Ghosts Giveaway and if you haven’t yet got involved, you’ve still got a few days left.

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