This past week has been rather a quiet one in terms of Xbox news, with details and videos of new games seemingly being held back until Gamescom 2015 arrives. As we look back at the biggest and best Xbox news and reviews from the 19th-25th July 2015, it is the reviews that come to the fore and become a bit more prominent.

Our favourite articles from the last seven days therefore have to be this little lot. Agree?

Ubisoft detail their Gamescom 2015 line-up

We’ve heard about what Bandai Namco plan to show at Gamescom and Square Enix haven’t been shy to reveal their showstopping titles. Even Konami have been getting in on the act, letting us know which games we’ll be able to go hands on with between the 5th-9th August.

But it was Ubisoft who seem to have the most exciting line-up, detailing a ton of new games – most of which will be playable.

It was around this time last year that we started getting properly excited for Ubisoft. With the likes of Assassins’ Creed Unity and The Crew headlining 2014, all fingers are crossed that this years games don’t suffer the same issues that made many dismiss Ubisoft as a bit of a joke.

Let’s admit it, 2014 was a disaster for the Big U, but with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Rainbow Six Siege, Just Dance 2016, The Division, For Honor, Trackmania Turbo and more being playable at Gamecom 2015, on paper at least it should all be good!


F1 2015 Review

The F1 season continues to roll on and Codemasters have finally dropped their first new gen title. After strangely skipping the latest consoles last year, F1 2015 has been hotly anticipated with F1 fans and gamers in general hoping that they can deliver something special.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t all gone to plan with the 2015 variant being somewhat bereft of features, much like that real world Mclaren Honda that Mr Alonso and Mr Button are having to currently wheel around. The racing is good, but do we need more than just that? Our review tells all.


Spectra – Review

If you want a cheap game that is going to keep you busy for the weekend, then you may wish to check out Spectra on Xbox One.

An 8-bit racer that sees you tearing down a ribbon of light in time to some bass pumping tracks, Spectra is the ultimate five minute time waster. Easy to pick up and play, but pretty difficult to put down again, the ten levels on offer may not keep you going for more than a day or two, but at a cheap price point, will surely satisfy those looking for a quick adrenaline rush.


No Time To Explain Review

One word sums up No Time To Explain. Madness.

TinyBuildGames have delivered a delightful title that cares little for story, instead bringing fun and craziness in bucketloads. With a gun that doubles up as a jetpack and the chance to chase your future self through time and alternate realities. It’s a simple premise but the tricky levels ramp up in difficulty with luck playing a huge role in your success.

If you fancy something a little different though, check out No Time To Explain.

no time to explain pic 1

2K reveal the full NBA 2K16 soundtrack

When you decide to bring together three world renowned DJ’s and the biggest soundtrack ever for an NBA game, then you are always going to attract some attention. That is exactly what has happened to 2K this week with the full announcement on the track listing for NBA 2K16.

Featuring no less than six playlists and bringing us over 50 tracks from DJ Mustard, DJ Khaled and DJ Premier, NBA 2K16 will be giving some of the world’s hottest up and coming artists,  including Papoose, Ace Hood, Vado, Kent Jones and RJ that biggest stage possible to promote their music.

If the game plays as well as it sounds, 2K could be on to a massive winner!

So that’s it for another week. Let us know what were your favourite stories from the last seven days in the comments below!




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