This week was an interesting one in the world of Xbox with a few new games being released, some news on future titles and we had a varied selection of reviews go live; here’s the best of the lot.

There was nothing bigger all week than the long awaited arrival of Project CARS after a couple of seemingly necessary delays. As with most new releases we were treated to an official launch trailer to go with it which is worth a watch, but with that being said, nothing was more enlightening than our very own video. We streamed a full ninety minute look at various areas within the game including the kart racing as part of the Career. Whilst you wait for our review this should give you a rough idea.

Then there was a developer diary revealed by Black Forest Games for the upcoming digital title Giana Sisters: Dream Runners. It gave a great insight into how fun this multiplayer platform/racing game on legs could be and also showed a glimpse of the type of tracks you can expect to be playing on. For those more interested in how the characters are dressed will be glad that they’ve shown off the costumes too.

Activision had a rather big announcement for skateboarding enthusiasts, Tony Hawk is returning to consoles later this year for Pro Skater 5. Get ready for all new features to set it apart from previous instalments such as power-ups and online multiplayer. Just imagine dropping in and out of online sessions with players whilst doing missions and taking on all challengers that come your way. It’s certainly one to look out for.


When the EA Access scheme began, the general consensus was that it’s probably too good to be true but how wrong we were. There have been many titles placed into the Vault for members to able play the full games for free, however very few are as big as the latest addition. The best selling football game, FIFA 15, has recently been given the EA Access Vault treatment which adds even more value to the subscription.

What about other new releases available this past week? Well, other than the previously mentioned Project CARS, there were exactly three other games in the Xbox Store to purchase. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood which is a prequel to The New Order, Ultratron and Slice Zombies for Kinect. Speaking of Slice Zombies, we had a slice of gameplay to show in another of our Let’s Play videos.

If you aren’t sure what to spend your hard earned money on then reviews are always handy and we had quite a few of those to share. The Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious standalone stood out as one of the better games we reviewed, being an almost perfect advertisement for the main Horizon 2 game and the Furious 7 film. State of Decay: YOSE was much more polished than its 360 counterpart with plenty of content packed in too. Screamride got a rather mixed review because despite it being pretty original, it could have been so much better and was a little underwhelming.


There were even more reviews which saw Bladestorm: Nightmare go through a bit of an identity crisis but wasn’t all that bad. Saving the worst till last… and Goat Simulator went down terribly, in fact it got one of our lowest scores since TheXboxHub began.

That’s all for now. Keep up to date with all things Xbox through the week, otherwise just catch A Week In The Hub once more at the same time next week!

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[…] James () This week was an interesting one in the world of Xbox with a few new games being released, some […]