We’ve had a few weeks off but now ‘A Week In The Hub’ is back for 2015, so in case you’re still recovering from a couple of weeks of hard drinking, let us take a look at the very best Xbox One and Xbox 360 news, reviews and videos from the last week.

It won’t have escaped your attention that this time is year is a bit of a quiet one for game releases. The busy months of October and November seem like worlds away and January only sees a few titles released. We took a look at them all in our ‘Up Next – January’ article but really should point you in the direction of the biggest release of the month…Dying Light.

The guys at Techland have seemingly brought us something for everyone, as long as those ‘everyone’ love the undead. Available for digital pre-order and pre-download right now, Dying Light will take you into a city so infested with zombies, that surely any mission that is embarked upon is nothing more than a suicide one. The Dying Light inspired POV parkour vid that we showed you earlier in the week brings the world to life like nothing else.

dying light pic 2

If you can’t wait a couple of weeks and need something to play right now, then you could do worse than check out one of the latest Xbox One titles to appear on the Games Store in Kalimba. Our review will tell you more but if you’re looking for a decent solo experience or a damn hard co-op campaign, the latest title from Press Play should be something to check out.

Failing that, Funk of Titans is now also available on Xbox One. Whilst our full review will be with you in a couple of days (maybe even as you’re reading this), we managed to grab the lead producer behind the game for a quick Q&A. You can read his thoughts and maybe learn a little more about the funkiest groover on Xbox One here.

Finally, in this shorter than usual edition of AWITH, make sure you check out the news about the Dragon Ball Xenoverse delay (Nooooooooo!) or the $1 Million prize pool that will soon be up for grabs in the Call of Duty Championships (Yeeeeeeeeeaaaah!)

Oh, and get prepared for February as EVOLVE has gone gold. If the intro cinematic below is anything to go by, Dying Light and EVOLVE should be keeping us busy for a while to come.

Catch ya next week.


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