Yep, that’s right… another ACA NEOGEO port has made its way to Xbox One and this time round we’re being treated to a bit of retro action with Shock Troopers.

ACA NEOGEO Shock Troopers has made its way to the Xbox One library of games, a whole 21 years after it was first released by SNK. Telling the tale of Dr. George, his granddaughter and the evil kidnapping antics of the Bloody Scorpion, this isn’t a straight up linear run through either – with the game delivering choice of route in order to see you progress. If you’re after retro and you’re after action, then this delivers it in spades.

With the arrival of Shock Troopers on Xbox One comes the addition of game difficulty settings and worldwide leaderboards, to ensure that you have something to play for at all times.

It’s priced at £6.39, is available from the Microsoft Store right this minute and should contain enough bullets to keep any retro inspired gaming session alive for a little while.

If you’re going to grab it, make sure you let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

Game Description:

SHOCK TROOPERS is an action game released by SNK in 1997. Players take part in a rescue operation for Dr. George and his granddaughter who have been kidnapped by the evil organization Bloody Scorpion. The game features the ability for players to choose which route to progress, adding even more replayablity to the title. The “ACA NEOGEO” series has faithfully reproduced many classic NEOGEO masterpieces. Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time. Players can also compete against each other from all over the world with their high scores. Please enjoy the masterpiece that built a generation for video games.



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