all that remains undone

If you’re a fan of All That Remains, and enjoy the metal madness that the Massachusetts band create, then you’ll already know all about the multiple song entries that the band have had added to both Rock Band 4 and Rocksmith over the months. Well, there’s even better news as the latest tunes to hit Rock Band 4 once again see the band front and centre, as they are joined by a couple of others who are delivering a variety of musical melodies.

Available to purchase and download right now on Rock Band 4 are three new tunes that see the likes of All That Remains, The Limousines, and the Lumineers provide the content. And whilst the former of those bands are no strangers to the gaming landscape, it’s good to see a bit of alternative and folk tunes arrive for our band playing pleasures.

So, what is available? Well, you’ll find the following tracks now available for purchase.

You will have to have the base game of Rock Band 4 in place on either Xbox One or PS4 prior to considering a purchase of these latest tunes, but from there on out there is little reason to not get the band back together and smash out a bit of a jamming session. With the low price points in place (£1.29 for Gloria and £1.69 for the other two tunes), adding these tracks to your Rock Band 4 game is never going to break the bank either.

Let us know if you like a bit of All That Remains, and whether the addition of both The Lumineers and The Limousines are to your liking by dropping yourself into the comments section down below and providing your thoughts. If these aren’t to your liking then there are a ton of other Rock Band 4 additions which are still available from weeks gone by – we’re pretty sure there will be something pretty tempting.

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