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Apex Legends Season 4 Review & Season 5 Info: New Characters, Weapons and Awesome Loot


EA surprised the gaming world when the video game company suddenly dropped Apex Legends back in February 2019, a-free-to-play battle royale first-person shooter that saw them go toe-to-toe with the likes of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the mammoth title Fortnite. What was truly amazing is that Apex Legends reached a whopping 25 million players in the first week of going live, this is a feat that many game developers only dream of.

Apex has drummed out an impressive four seasons since the game opened up its doors, and season four has been the most successful to date. Season Four release has coincided with the game’s first anniversary, so let’s have a look at some of the exciting new changes that Apex has implemented and what aspects they are nailing, and what changed the fans are calling to change.

An Assassin Appears

Consumed by hate and obsessed with revenge, Revenant uses his stealth and assassin prowess to stalk fellow legends while lurking in the shadows. Revenant has established himself as a formidable machine in the Apex world and has offered players a new dimension to their gameplay. Revenant has the ability to traverse the land quicker than the game’s other legends, possessing a speedy crouch feature to keep his footsteps hidden. The simulacrum, a term loosely thrown around in the Titanfall universe to describe a robotic body with a human mind implanted in it, also has the bonus of being able to ascend walls a lot further than other legends. The hitman can disable enemy abilities with his silence gift, which throws a device that deals a small amount of damage and disables the enemy’s abilities for 10 seconds.

Revenant’s ultimate comes in the form of a death totem that protects the user from death. Instead of getting killed or downed, you will return to the death totem with low health but full shields. The totem essentially gives the player a free life to scout, advance or use in precaution. This legend is the epitome of death itself, so approach Revenant with a degree of caution.

Sentinel Sniper Rifle Arrives

Most fans thought that season four would pave the way for the for the Volt SMG as the next weapon to be joining the game, but were surprised when the company revealed the addition of the Sentinel Sniper Rifle. This weapon is entirely new to the Apex universe and unlike some of the game’s weaponry, it has not been repurposed from the Titanfall franchise.

The new sniper is the second-long range sharpshooter weapon to be added after the Apex launch, following the Charge rifle introduced in season three. The Sentinel offers the players more decision making by asking if the most powerful shot is needed at that time or not. The nifty long-range kit is particularly devastating to shields and will also allow players to consume a large shield battery from your inventory to give the weapon an extra kick to their shots. Ideally, the player in possession of this weapon will want to use it medium to long-range to utilize it effectively.

Sustainable Energy

The studio has thrown an entirely new form of ammunition into the mix, Sniper ammo, whereas before snipers would use either heavy, energy or light, depending on which long-range weapon you used. Apex snipers shared ammo types with the pistol, LMGs and SMGs and other weapons, it somehow felt that by using the sniper you somehow compromised ammo for more hungry weapons in previous seasons. This revision makes perfect sense by giving the sniper its very own ammo class.

Respawn has also addressed fan feedback regarding the scarcity of energy ammo in the game. Energy ammo has been increased to 30 bullets per pickup instead of 20 giving the energy weapons a new lease of life.

Season Four Battle Pass

Assimilation is dropped and with it comes a new exciting battle pass. The new battle pass has 100 levels of unlocks, featuring Apex packs, Legendary skins, Music Packs and Loading Screens. Respawn has always been generous when it comes to aesthetics, and this battle pass provides the gamer with a plethora of new content and skins.

The Old Ways

Now that the Season Four is starting to slowly wind down and all gamers prepare for Apex Legends Season Five, Respawn has treated gamers to a brand new event focussed around one of the greatest trackers the game has seen, Bloodhound.

The Old Ways dropped on the 7th April and Apex has invited players to follow Bloodhound’s trial in the upcoming Old Ways Lore Event. Bloodhound will receive their own Town Takeover on World’s Edge, where players will need to battle ferocious Prowlers for the chance of high tier loot. In addition, Apex has supplied a lofty number of cosmetics for players to get their hands on.

Map Changes

The World’s Edge map has had a huge overhaul in season four, splitting the Capitol City in two. The map has also seen giant lava-filled faults rupturing throughout the map, causing players to avoid the deadly molten doom beneath their feet. A flurry of camps has emerged over the map, providing players a refuge when in a sticky spot, instead of endless open terrain leaving legends vulnerable. The map renovation has offered players increased close combat within the concrete jungles while adhering to the original Apex feel of open terrain combat.

When Does Apex Season Five Land?

Assimilation has been a huge success with the Apex faithful, but it has had its time and we are just over halfway through, so it’s never too early to look ahead of Season 5. According to the current Battle Pass, season 4 is scheduled to finish on Tuesday, May 5th, 2020, which one would believe is when Season Five would kick-off.

Who is The New Legend in Season Five?

Every season has introduced a new Legend, and Season Five should be no different. So far, we have enjoyed Octane, Watson, Crypto, and Revenant, although the death-filled robotic assassin came as a surprise. If you like eSports betting, then I guess that you would have had your bottom dollar on the arrival of Forge in Season Four, because Respawn initially tipped the brawler to make his big arrival, but was controversially killed off.

While we won’t know exactly who the new character will be until it’s officially announced, all of the leaks and speculation point towards Loba, who has been rumored to be part of Respawn’s plans for quite some time now. Her exact identity remains hidden, but many believe she is the young girl shown in the Revenant trailer. This all points to the legend’s story of revenge, to keep the ever-thickening Apex plot moving forward.

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