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Are you a Rookie? Here’s How to Have Fun Playing The Elder Scrolls Online


The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2014. This story-driven game allows you to take on a character’s persona and have fun interacting with many players. You can explore Tamriel, dive into dungeons, and engage in a whole host of activities, such as gear crafting.

TESO offers endless ways to build the perfect character and spend hours of enjoyment on the game. From taking up Argonian Necromancer’s persona and sneaking through the shadows while pickpocketing NPCs to becoming a powerful sorcerer and climbing up the ladder of the Mages Guild.

The beauty of playing ESO is that the game throws you into a virtual or fantasy world where you can become just about any character you envision. Whether you want to go on a solo adventure or play as a team, some simple tips can make the game more fun and less overwhelming.

7 Tips to Have Fun Playing ESO

Spending hours in Tamriel is fun when you know how to dodge or address stressful or troublesome situations. Like all other MMORPG games, starting a new TESO game can be exciting and daunting in equal measure.

Here are some tips on how to have fun playing Elder Scrolls Online:

Create the Best Possible Character Persona

There are numerous crucial decisions you must make when creating a new character. A surefire tip to have fun playing TESO is to review your decisions carefully and create the best possible character. Note that modifying your character later in the game is challenging.

Read the descriptions of all options that interest you, and make sure you choose a character’s role that intrigues you. Once the character wizard closes, you cannot make changes to your hero’s class. 

Other restrictions you should know include:

  • Changing your persona’s name, character, or race will cost you Crowns
  • You must spend coins to make changes in the redeployment of skill points and attributes

Be Keen When Managing Your Inventory 

The character inventory capacity is not infinite. This makes it imperative to ensure that the available 60 slots only contain what is valuable. Get rid of identical items, sell what you don’t need, and use public crafting stations to disassemble unnecessary items.

You also have the option of storing items you don’t need in your bank or home or destroying them as a last resort.

Another option that can help ensure you have everything you need for a more enjoyable adventure is using ESO gold to upgrade your inventory capacity. Purchasing one space upgrade bag gives you 10 extra inventory slots. You may also opt to subscribe to ESO plus and get an extra craft bag as well as an increased bank capacity for your inventory deposits.

Buy ESO Gold Online

It’s hard to have fun playing the Elder Scrolls when you don’t have certain accessories. Fortunately, you can buy ESO gold online to increase your purchasing of mounts, inventory, new equipment and even pay for gear repair and weaponry upgrades. 

It is possible to earn ESO gold without spending a dime. However, you will need to do some hard work completing quests, killing monsters, stealing and exploring the land. Unfortunately, adding your gold stash through the game is easier said than done. 

Most players get overwhelmed looking for ways to get richer. Reputable ESO gold online vendors can get you out of the jam without risking getting your account banned.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t give your password to any vendor; they don’t need it
  •  A legit vendor will only need your account name to send the gold to your in-game mail
  • It’s safer to buy sensible amounts of ESO gold (don’t exceed 500M in one purchase)
  • Subscribe to ESO Plus to reduce your chances of being banned
  • Once you receive your gold in your in-game mail, never send back any gold or believe anyone that messages you. Ignore any chats.

Buying ESO gold instead of earning it is a douchebag move, but it makes playing more enjoyable and less overwhelming! 

Make New Friends

If you are not having maximum fun riding solo in the game, you may want to make new buddies. The ideal crew is people with high-level gear who can help you get into serious adventures and have more fun. It’s always more enjoyable to do dungeons with your friends.

Joining other players is not mandatory, but it makes the game more exciting and easier to complete. Each team player takes a distinct role and possibly comes with a better skill or weapon to better encounter huge problems that can hinder you from completing a specific quest.

Collect More XPPoints

Making yourself invincible is another simple way to ensure maximum enjoyment when playing TESO. You can do this by leveling up your character every chance you get. Make your hero stronger with as many active skills as possible. Some gifts are actual treasures that make it easier to move to the next level of the game. You can get up to 150% XP by completing simple activities or tasks.

Take On More Quests

Things tend to get pretty exciting once you level up your character. You can do this easily and quickly by taking on more quests that typically appear everywhere.

 It’s worth taking on anything worthwhile along your journey, from major adventures with more significant rewards to small tasks with smaller amounts of earned XP. Just ensure that you don’t get to your limit of 25 quests because it hinders you from taking on more challenges during your session.

Stock Up On Soul Gems

It’s always a good idea to acquire empty soul gems and stock up the souls of defeated soldiers. You can get the soul gems from your daily rewards or earn them after completing a quest. The souls you capture will come in handy when you need to resurrect your hero and repeat your quest.

Here are 2 tips to ensure you don’t suffer unexpected death:

  • Always keep an eye on your health bar
  •  Don’t forget to repair your equipment regularly


Elder Scrolls Online has undergone 5 expansion packs and 18 DLCs since its release in 2014. The tons of new content should make the virtual game more exciting for players.

But you must remember that ESO has no right or wrong way of playing. Choose whatever questline you want and opt to get into combat or not! You can have more fun playing how you want to instead of worrying too much about playing the game “correctly.”

With some ESO gold in your stash, there is so much you can do to keep yourself busy as you explore the Tamriel in the world of Nirn.