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Ask Yourself – What Lies in the Multiverse?

What Lies in the Multiverse Xbox
What Lies in the Multiverse Xbox

Nowadays, most media franchises worth their mustard are striving for a multiverse; a place where stories interconnect and action in one situation can dynamically alter everything else. Today’s new game announcement from publisher Untold Tales on Xbox poses a question not many have thought about: What Lies in the Multiverse?

For a start, does a name hold any weight in a multiverse? You play as a character known only as The Kid, who has somehow managed to zap themselves into a new universe. The Kid encounters a sharply dressed man known as Everett, who shares this passion for shifting through worlds and dimensions. Together, they decide to explore these multiple dimensions together in this story-driven 2D dramatic comedy. A dramatic comedy sounds so Shakespearean; we’re digging it already.

Had Shakespeare known about the concept of multiverses and even 2D computer games, we reckon What Lies in the Multiverse wouldn’t have been too far from his thoughts. Filled with cartoonish hijinks, the narrative also challenges the player with themes such as death, envy and obsession. Basically, all the themes found in Twelfth Night.

What Lies in the Multiverse has a unique world-switching mechanic. Similar to how Fez had you changing the dimensions of the world you found yourself in, What Lies in the Multiverse will have you swapping in and out of different worlds on the fly. If you can’t make a tricky jump in one world, just switch to a different universe in mid-air to make it more manageable.

On your journey through the multiverse, The Kid and Everett will meet a cast of unusual characters. They might be eccentric, but they will leave a lasting impression. Just remember to keep those ZENITH folks at arm’s reach; they may know more about the multiverse than they lead you to believe.

What Lies in the Multiverse is due to release in early 2022 on Xbox, PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, but PC players can get an early glimpse with a Steam demo available now.

Once a release date is announced you can be sure we will let you know, and we’ll have a review to boot. For now though, let us know in the comments which is your favourite multiverse.

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