AC_#8_COVER_AThere have been highs and lows throughout the Assassin’s Creed comic series published by Titan Comics, but only Issue #7 has gotten me this excited as a reader to get stuck in to the next issue. And like clockwork, Issue #8 arrives within a suitable time to fill my needs… but will it live up to the expectation? Is Charlotte’s ongoing feud with her own team member going to end up costing them? How will Quila overcome the odds to deliver that vital message?

Just a quick note to readers of the series, there will be minor spoilers within this review.

Up to now, we’ve seen the Inca ancestor, Quila, having to fight against other couriers and conquistadors alike – all whilst aiming to do what’s right in pre-warning the Emperor of an incoming assassination, whilst at the same time trying to win respect as a female in her occupation. The fact that her only ally at this point is a drunkard named Pardo, makes for an interesting team-up. Even if Quila isn’t sure about trusting this Spaniard.AC#8 Preview 1

Remember back in the last review when I mentioned that there was a character that could potentially carry the series by themselves? Well, the writers have tested that theory to a degree, because this latest issues spends almost three quarters of the comic in Peru, re-living the memories of the ancestor.

Sadly, it didn’t really pay off and dare I say that, after a fiery beginning, it comes across as boring for the most part as Quila begs for anyone and everyone to believe her warning. There is more development for her back-story through meeting her estranged husband and finding out he has ties to high places which could come in handy. Until the bumbling fool Pardo gets involved that is; he may be a clumsy oaf that rates himself far more useful than he actually is but as a reader, that’s the character needed to provide the much needed light relief when all else becomes tedious and dull.

AC#8 Preview 3Back in the modern day, Charlotte just won’t get along with Galina despite their Brotherhood cell being hounded by Templars and the Cartel. The feud bubbles over, leading to a temporary split of the group but of all the people to end up paying a price for this, it had to be poor Kody. The situation they are in now is surely leading to two parties who caused the fall out pulling together to help him.

It may be a short encounter with Charlotte however, there is enough storytelling here to show that Miss de la Cruz still isn’t mentally prepared for this new career path of hers. She’s ridiculously stubborn and self-centred, wanting to do everything her way, which are bad traits for a wannabe hero of the comics. The intrigue of how the mess Charlotte has created will be cleaned up and whether she will use this as a learning curve, are the points that’ll pull me in to read the next issue.

There are cliff-hangers on both sides of the tale to try and get you to give the following issue a read. This time around, Charlotte offers the biggest draw for returning readers in what is a comic that mainly misses the mark. I can’t knock the artistry in the slightest as the action sequences, scenery and characters are really well drawn. On the writing side Issue #8 has numerous peaks and troughs with a highlight being the well placed sly dig at a certain presidential candidate; I do enjoy these cultural references.

Will I be picking up the next issue? Yes, but there’s certainly been a drain on my excitement levels.

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