attack on titan 2 final battle

Are you ready to utilize powerful new weaponry in Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle? Today KOEI TECMO America have revealed a wealth of new information, alongside some rather interesting pre-order bonuses.

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC come July 5th 2019, delivering intense action and huge enemies for you to overcome. In order to do that though, you’ll need weaponry, and it is that which is today being detailed.

In Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle, the colossal size of enemies dictates more powerful equipment if the Scouts intend to survive. To up the ante, alongside the traditional Slashing Gear, Scouts can now equip the even more deadly Shooting Gear. Replacing blades for guns allows for long-range attacks along with a variety of different ammo types that offer different types of damage, including the Regular Shot, Scatter Shot, Explosive Shot, Attrition Shot, Numbing Shot and Incendiary Shot Ammo.

Thankfully, re-loading ammo is as easy as replacing gas and blades – though in Final Battle if players release the reload button as the dial hits the ‘yellow’ area, they will achieve a perfect reload and the resource in use will not deplete for a short time. You’ll be able to quickly change between the Shooting and Slashing Gear load-outs at supply bases in the field, adapting to the battle situation in order to defeat the Titans.

The impressive Showdown Equipment is also on-hand to provide Scouts a massive increase of power in battle. Two options are available – the revolutionary Thunder Spear quickly deals explosive damage to wipe out Titans, and the Gatling Guns unload high levels of magazines which rip through any Titan part in sight. Once this equipment is obtained in battle, and the Showdown Equipment gauge filled, they are able to unleash high damage attacks for a limited period.

Sound good? Well, aspiring Scouts eager to put this new equipment into action are able to pre-order Final Battle right now, while doing so will see them getting their hands-on bonus content for the ultimate ‘Attack on Titan’ experience. Those who purchase Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle – either physically or digitally – on Xbox One (£54.99 from the Xbox Store), PS4, Nintendo Switch, or PC (via good old Steam) during the first month of launch will receive the “Queen Historia” costume for Christa, “Young Male Coat” for Kenny, “Plain Clothes (Underground City)” for Levi, and “One-piece Dress” costume for Mikasa. Further to that, console players will also receive early access to playable characters Kenny and Zeke when pre-ordering the game at select retailers, while Xbox One and Nintendo Switch gamers will also be able to unlock early access to Eren (long hair).

Does this latest set of details surrounding Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle see you tempted to splash the cash? Have you played the previous game in the series and are very much looking forward to this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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