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Avid gamer since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Grew up with the PS1 and PS2 but changed allegiances in 2007 with the release of Halo 3.

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Suit-up once again in Cyber Citizen Shockman 2: A New Menace

In their seemingly endless quest to port over every single videogame ever to consoles, Ratalaika Games are back with another underrated retro classic. Cyber Citizen Shockman 2 is here!

Word Web by POWGI Review

What starts off as a seemingly impossible challenge quickly becomes one of the best POWGI games for logical thinking. Word Web by POWGI not only ramps the difficulty up, but also the satisfaction of completing a puzzle.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Review

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty grabs your attention instantly, and refuses to let go until the conclusion.

Gastro Force Review

Gastro Force is quite obviously a DOOM clone, but after playing it, you will probably find yourself better off with the originals if you want that retro hit. If the addition of a Y-axis is the best it can do, then that is a clear sign of how poor the rest of the game is.

Exclusive Interview with Keith Stuart regarding ‘A Boy Made of Blocks’

...and now for something completely different. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Keith Stuart, games editor for The Guardian, to discuss his recent book, ‘A Boy Made of Blocks’. It’s a tale based on an experience close to Keith’s heart; a father and his autistic son attempting to bond over playing Minecraft together. He had just finished a book signing at the Yorkshire Games Festival after which I was able to grab him for a chat

Saturday Morning RPG Review

As someone who was born with only 12 days remaining in the 1980’s, I missed out on the boom that was Saturday morning cartoons. Growing up, I still had them sandwiched in between SM:TV Live or Dick & Dom in da Bungalow but by then, the whole premise of them being shown on a Saturday morning was in decline. Saturday Morning RPG is an attempt to jump-start the nostalgia of waking up at 7am to run downstairs, switch on the family CRT and, what would now be referred to as, binge watch cartoons until your parents woke up. All presented in an episodic RPG adventure.

The Best Skyrim: Special Edition Mods on Xbox One

Skyrim is ace and with the recent Special Edition, the team at Bethesda have been able to make the almost limitless game even more limitless with the inclusion of the mods on consoles. It’s worth noting that loading up any mod at all will prevent achievements being unlocked, but when you read through our list, you will be too interested in what else is out there to completely change the game to care.

Farming Simulator 17 Review

As this was my first experience with any Farming Simulator title, I figured the best place to start would be the tutorial. In the top left corner is a panel that shows the controls available to you at that time. What caught my eye was if I held the ‘Y’ button I was able to crouch. Was this a sign that Farming Simulator had a stealth element to it? Maybe a particularly nervous cow produced great milk, but was elusive? I went on a quest to see what else this game could offer.

Ginger: Beyond The Crystal Review

If, like me, you grew up in the 90s, the games you more than likely remember will be 3D platformers. They were everywhere around the turn of the millennium, and responsible for some of our fondest memories growing up (The original Spyro trilogy still has a place in my heart). But then, they just disappeared. Or rather, stopped being as good before stopping altogether. And as a result, there is a big void in today’s gaming landscape of decent 3D platformers. Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is a 3D platformer. Is it the one to fill the gap?

One Hundred Ways Review

What do you get if you cross Kula World with an isometric view, add in a design that would be easiest to describe as a futuristic Waterworld, churn it out for a mobile platform then port it over to the Xbox One? One Hundred Ways of course!

Firewatch Review

Henry is in his mid-40’s and looking for some company and/or an escape after his wife developed early-onset dementia aged just 41. Delilah is also in her mid-40’s who, after having her heart broken 10 years ago, is struggling to come to terms with meeting new people and spends most of her days communicating via walkie-talkie. These may sound like (badly) written lonely hearts column pieces, but these two people and their problems are the basis for the game, Firewatch.

Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy Review

“Please press ‘A’ to play”. Never before have I been greeted like this by a game. Usually it’s simply “Press ‘A’ to start” or even more abruptly, “Press ‘A’”. Star Hammer greets you this far more polite way after the usual developer and publisher logo screens, and it’s almost like it’s giving you a choice as to whether you would like to play or not. Sadly though, pressing A at all may have been the wrong choice.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Review

Normally I would open this review with a bit of a back-story to the game and the developer. But Pac-Man is as iconic as they come, having been around since 1980, and even recognised by people who wouldn’t associate themselves with video games. In essence, gaming wouldn’t be the same without Pac-Man, just like the BBC won’t be the same without The Great British Bake Off. Too soon?

Fallout 4: Nuka-World DLC Review

Nuka-World is the sixth and final piece of DLC for Fallout 4. Or the third if you are only counting story-based DLC. Or just the second if you are inclined to not count the Automatron DLC. Whatever it is though, the Fallout 4 DLC releases have seen constant peaks and troughs when compared to previous Bethesda games, and hopefully this final content pack finishes what has been largely a very enjoyable experience on a good note.

Prominence Poker Review

After a three-month head start on Steam, Prominence Poker has now made its way on to the Xbox One. Is it a Royal Flush or about as useful as 2-7 off suit hole cards?

Mirror’s Edge: Exordium TPB Review

The term ‘exordium’ derives from Latin and simply means ‘beginning’. Much has been said regarding 2016’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and whether it was a sequel, prequel, or complete reboot? One thing has to be said though, to fully understand the game in whatever state it is in the Mirror’s Edge timeline, without the full Exordium, will prove difficult.

Dungeon Punks Review

Do not try and use the left analog stick to move your character. I repeat: Do not try and use the left analog stick to move your character. You may spend a good five minutes trying, before deciding your controller is broken. Much like I did. But this is not the case. Your controller is not broken so do not try and take it apart. Dungeon Punks does not utilise either of the analog sticks by default. Changing this in the Settings screen makes the movement a lot easier, but spell execution can become more sporadic.

Song of the Deep Review

Firstly, a confession: I have no idea what a Metroidvania type game plays like, having played neither a Metroid game or a Castlevania game. This isn’t the worst gaming crime I have committed though, I will save that one for another time. What intrigued me to try Song of the Deep more than anything else was simply that it was being developed by Insomniac, a company responsible for some of the greatest games during my formative years, and who recently developed a bit of a reputation creating some of the most original weapons across the likes of Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive.

Taking a look at Free-to-Play on Xbox One

The term Free-to-Play can instantly conjure up a myriad of negative connotations to the more traditional gamer: parents being fleeced thousands of pounds because they left their child alone for 10 minutes on Simpsons: Tapped Out, the more sinister business model Pay-to-Win, and generally the content of games being a lower standard with revenues not been explicitly known beforehand. This may have been the case during the F2P formative years, but like a reformed criminal, they have come out of the darkness and really got their act together, across all forms of gaming devices.

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eFootball 2024 Review

There’s no doubt eFootball 2024 is a flawed game and, if a measly update is all that’s coming each year, it’s hard to see it ever being worthy of your time.

Get groovin’ with Party Animals on Game Pass, Xbox and PC

Available now on Xbox, Game Pass and PC - a console-exclusive, mind you - Party Animals sees up to eight online players (local split-screen is also available) face off in a variety of crazy fighting matches.

Bluey: The Videogame announced for a November release

Bluey: The Videogame is the first ever video game to feature the little pup, as Outright Games and BBC Studios come together for release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 25 – Summer

It is hard to believe that we have reached Series 25 Summer of the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 25 – Autumn

Week two of Series 25 carries on where week one and Summer left off in Forza Horizon 5, as Autumn blows into Mexico and the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges.

Latest Reviews

Party Animals Review

Party Animals is, in a word, promising. Whilst the launch version of this incredibly cute and colourful physics-based brawler is missing some key features that will boost replayability, the foundations are there for an excellent foray into the genre.

The Expanse: A Telltale Series – Episode 4 Review

The final stages of The Expanse: A Telltale Series episode four create a real buzz for the finale, but the rest of it kills all enthusiasm.

Word Web by POWGI Review

What starts off as a seemingly impossible challenge quickly becomes one of the best POWGI games for logical thinking. Word Web by POWGI not only ramps the difficulty up, but also the satisfaction of completing a puzzle.

Ad Infinitum Review

Ad Infinitum is disturbing, confusing and horrific, much like the WWI setting. It tackles some interesting themes and tells a story that is hard to get a handle on. But the gameplay is solid, as are the visuals and brilliant soundtrack. 


Overall I enjoyed my time playing HUMANKIND and would recommend it to both strategy game veterans and beginners. It can be extremely enjoyable however it is held back by some bugs and half-baked gameplay mechanics.