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For the Warp Review

There’s a Hall of Fame when it comes to deckbuilding roguelikes, and For the Warp visits the hall rather than cements its place.

Botany Manor Review

While it’s a smaller variety of plant, Botany Manor is inordinately pretty and comforting.

Ario Review

Ario is undeniably slapdash, but it’s capable of being fun.

Mystic Academy: Escape Room Review

While Mystic Academy: Escape Room may sound like a Harry Potter escape room...

This is the Zodiac Speaking Review

If you pitched This is the Zodiac Speaking to us at a Dragon’s Den, we would have given you the money. A true-crime hunt for the real-life serial killer, in partnership with the Investigation Discovery channel: it feels like a no brainer. Unfortunately, like the infamous scene from the Hannibal movie, it feels more like someone else is spooning your brains out. This could have been the gateway to more true crime games on the Xbox One - instead, it’s a gateway to something a little more hellish.

Every step matters in Smart Moves on the Xbox One

It’s hard not to make comparisons in the case of Smart Moves. Watch the trailer and you’ll spot the influences: Crypt of the Necrodancer (and Cadence of Hyrule) and Fairune are definitely in there. This is a fantasy game where every step triggers enemies to move, and it takes on the aspect of a puzzle game as you evade enemies while clearing chests. Smart Moves makes a calculated boogie onto Xbox One today.

Dark Grim Mariupolis is a surrealist point-and-click on Xbox One

Where do you start when describing Dark Grim Mariupolis? It’s a point-and-click, which is the easy bit. Then there’s the wireframe vector graphics and smudged screen, which makes it look like an arcade cabinet from about 1986. It’s set in a dystopian future full of robots, and they’ve all deteriorated to the degree that most of their conversations make zero sense. Like what you’re hearing? Dark Grim Mariupolis is out today on Xbox One.

The Survivalists shipwrecks The Escapists on Xbox One, Switch, PS4 and PC

Team17’s busy year continues with The Survivalists, the next in their burgeoning ‘-ists’ franchise. This one looks a little bit special, not only because Team17 have been knocking it out of the park recently, and not only because The-Escapists-goes-Castaway sounds like an intriguing mix. We’re liking the look of this one because no one has ever really brought the ‘shipwrecked on a desert island’ fantasy to a decent video game.

Mafia: Definitive Edition Review

I will admit that I was wary of 2K choosing Mafia to remaster, as the game was old and middle of the pack, but in hindsight it was a masterstroke: the story and structural core of the original was exceptional, but everything else had room to improve. 2K has thrown the sink at Mafia: Definitive Edition to make sure those improvements make an impact, and it’s barely possible to recognise the original under the lacquer.

Escape the room in Area 86, a physics-based puzzler on Xbox One

As a fan of escape rooms, it’s been befuddling that they haven’t surfaced in video games more. The joy’s in the detail with an escape room - you’re searching with a fine toothcomb to get every last clue, then manipulating them all to get out of Dodge. That can be done in a video game, right? Area 86 is an escape room (wahoo!), but not in the way you might think. Rather than the graphic adventure-style we’ve just mentioned, Area 86 is a physics-based puzzler and it launches today on Xbox One.

Forget the Tony Hawk remaster, Skatemasta Tcheco is in town on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch!

Eastasiasoft suggests we stop banging on about that Tony Hawk remaster, and find time in our lives for that other skateboarding franchise. No, not Skate (come on, EA), but Skatemasta Tcheco!

Looking Back to 2015 and Rock Band 4 – the Second Death of Rock Band

In hindsight, it’s easy to see Rock Band 4 as the encore for the series - one last song before the franchise left the stadium. But rather than being the belter, the anthem that got everyone singing, it was like finishing with an album track. Sure, it was good to see the band coming back onto the stage, but, well, we were hoping for something a little more memorable.

Entertain the Rugrats with Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

We’ve seen our fair share of Kart clones, pulling on some of the barmiest of franchises (Hello Kitty? Garfield?), but Nickelodeon Kart Racers was one of the more acceptable ones, and it actually had enough recognisable characters to warrant the roster. Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix drifts onto Xbox One, Switch and PS4 today. A PC launch is due later this year.

Let’s Sing Queen Review

Queen and Freddie Mercury’s personality may not come through in Let’s Sing Queen on Xbox One, but you probably won’t care. These are the 30 songs you would want, set against a backdrop of the videos you would want to see, with crisp presentation and faultless audio pick-up. Queen’s particular kind of magic comes through the songs, but not the game, and that’s enough.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Review

It’s easy to recommend Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on Xbox One. As a space sim, it’s been built for console, and it manoeuvres through a minefield of controls that have junked so many others. The trading and upgrades will keep you hopping into the cockpit, over and over again, but be wary of overheating the experience: the missions aren’t hugely varied, so Outlaw should be best played in short bursts.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time crashlands onto Xbox One, Switch and PS4

Hold onto your jorts, as Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is wumping onto Microsoft Xbox One, Switch and PS4 today!

Let’s Sing Queen swaggers onto Xbox One, Switch and PS4, and drops a playlist

We like Queen. Sometimes you just need to strut about the living room, imagining you’re on Live Aid. But what sadist invites friends over to try to match Freddie’s falsetto across thirty flipping songs? I wouldn’t force that on my friends, let alone my own eardrums. Let’s give Let’s Sing Queen the benefit of the doubt though, as it launches today on Xbox One, Switch and PS4.

Stay on Target with STAR WARS: Squadrons on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Finally, the wait is over. The four moons of Yavin have aligned and STAR WARS: Squadrons emerges from lightspeed on Xbox One, PS4 and PC today.

Fight for Freedom in WARSAW: Console Edition on Xbox One, Switch and PS4

When it comes to World War II, games have tended towards the sniper headshots, zombies and mechanical Hitlers, rather than the personal, boots on the ground stories. 2020 seems to be bucking that trend, however, as we have had Through the Darkest of Times, which sensitively approached Berlin during the Third Reich, and now we have WARSAW: Console Edition. It takes place in the closing months of WWII, on the streets of the Polish capital.

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Latest Reviews

For the Warp Review

There’s a Hall of Fame when it comes to deckbuilding roguelikes, and For the Warp visits the hall rather than cements its place.

Botany Manor Review

While it’s a smaller variety of plant, Botany Manor is inordinately pretty and comforting.

Let’s! Revolution! Review

Let's! Revolution! feels like a breath of fresh air.

Orion Haste Review

There are worse shooters out there than Orion Haste, but there are also many that are a lot better. Including Contra: Operation Galuga…

the World According to Girl Review

the World According to Girl has an interesting premise, but rather fittingly fails to execute the grand plan and falls short of being the great game it could be.