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Battle against alien hordes in Deep Space Anomaly

Deep Space Anomaly Xbox
Deep Space Anomaly Xbox

With so little of outer space being investigated, it is no wonder these things exist called anomaly zones. These areas aren’t strictly off limits, but caution must be heeded. Find out what happens when you stumble into one in Deep Space Anomaly, out today on Xbox and PC.

Deep Space Anomaly is an arena shooter where you must fight wave after wave of hordes of space aliens. These aliens come from every corner of the universe, packing their own unique arsenal; they will stop at nothing to blast your ship to smithereens. Deep Space Anomaly takes a little bit of Asteroids, various shoot ‘em ups and the classic wave-based horde gameplay for a tense and challenging space shooter.

You have your own heavy firepower though to defend yourself with. Gatling guns, rocket launchers, lasers and even more experimental guns are all at your disposal to help take down these aliens. And you’ll need them all to survive all 30 waves of alien annihilation.

Deep Space Anomaly also features:

  • Unusual mix of game genres
  • 30 Wave – Levels full of thrilling action, shooting and demolition
  • Unique enemies including Boss monsters
  • System of upgrade of the ship and weapons
  • Exclusive sounds and SFX just like from a Hollywood movies!

Deep Space Anomaly is on the Xbox Store now priced at £4.19. There is also an introductory discount dropping the price down to £3.35 for a limited period, for those checking this out a bit earlier. For everyone else, our review will be coming soon to help you make a decision of Deep Space Anomaly. Let us know in the comments though whether you will be picking it up or not.

Game description

Deep Space Anomaly is a survival arena shooter game where you battle against hordes of space aliens. Upgrade your ship, buy new weapons and survive as much as possible. Your spaceship got caught in an anomaly zone, where deadliest races across all universe fight each other. In order to escape this anomaly, you need to survive 30 waves and defeat multi-dimensional bosses. Defeat the cosmic evil!

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