Noble Armada: Lost Worlds xbox

Humanity is not thriving as it once was in the Fading Suns universe, especially with the suns dying out. That’s the set-up for real-time strategy Noble Armada: Lost Worlds on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, which sees you battling for what greatness remains within humanity.

Based on the Noble Armada miniatures game, this RTS allows you to step into the shoes of a noble belonging to one of the five Royal Houses. They’re all out for themselves, attempting to wrestle control of human space from other houses and rival fleets. If you’re to command a fleet of four ships to glory, you must face off against the likes of pirates, barbarians, heretics, and more. Manoeuvring the ships is a crucial part of the tactical aspect, enabling well-placed shots, a salvo of fiery energy blasts and the eventual boarding of enemy vessels for hand-to-hand encounters.

Traveling from planet to planet, allies will be made and your fleets get stronger as you progress through various campaigns of Noble Armada: Lost Worlds. The experience gained from successful battles leads to a range of upgrades becoming available to ensure your crew is truly formidable, no matter the opposition. Furthermore, the campaign editor grants the possibility to document and share new stories of your own, offering even more longevity to proceedings.

Should you wish to lead one of the Royal Houses in the quest for supremacy, Noble Armada: Lost Worlds is available right now on the Xbox Store for £16.74. If you do pick it up, be sure to report back here with your findings and let us know whether it’s any good by leaving a comment below. 

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Game Description:

Noble Armada: Lost Worlds is a strategy XBOX ONE title based on the Noble Armada miniatures game. Set in the Fading Suns Universe, where the suns themselves are dying, humanity battles to revive its lost greatness, or just take what is left. The five great Royal Houses dominate human space as they battle each other for control of the greatest resource… humanity itself. In Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, players take on the role of a noble in one of the five Royal houses, vying against rival fleets and houses for control of human space. They battle pirates, barbarians, heretics and others in their quest for supremacy. Noble Armada is a game of broadsides and boarding actions, as players maneuver their ships to line up their best shots, fire off broadsides of fiery energy and then board their enemies to end the battle with desperate boarding actions. As they travel from planet to planet, making allies and building up their fleets, they also gain the experience they need to make their crews and marines truly formidable.



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