Having already released on a handful of other platforms, it’s now time for Xbox One gamers to prove their worth as a knight in Chasm. The Guildean Kingdom calls for your help, but will you answer?

Chasm is a retro styled 2D action-adventure, inspired by hack ‘n’ slash dungeon crawlers and possessing a clear Metroidvania-style vibe. The narrative focuses on a knight investigating some rather odd rumours about a mine being shut down, one that’s crucial to the Kingdom. Upon arriving at the mining town, all is not as it seems, with the townsfolk disappearing at the hands of supernatural creatures. The mission is to battle these deadly monsters on your travels through ancient catacombs and castles, picking up powerful new equipment along the way.

Whilst the story is the same for everyone, the six massive hand-crafted areas you’ll explore are procedurally generated, thus ensuring it’s a unique experience for you and your hero. Should the fantasy world of Chasm and its secret treasures sound enticing enough to make a purchase, then you can find it on the Microsoft Store for £15.99 right now.

Will you serve the Kingdom and bring normality back to this vital mining town?

Game Description:

Welcome to Chasm, an action-adventure game in which you play a new recruit undertaking your first mission for the Guildean Kingdom. Thrilled to prove your worth as a knight, you track strange rumors that a mine vital to the Kingdom has been shut down. But what you discover in the mining town is worse than you imagined: The townspeople have disappeared, kidnapped by supernatural creatures emerging from the depths. Honor-bound to solve the mystery and restore peace to the Kingdom, you embark upon an epic adventure, with deadly battles against cunning monsters, exploration of ancient catacombs and castles, and powerful new equipment hidden at every turn. Though the overall story is the same for all players, your hero’s journey will be unique: each of the rooms has been hand-designed, and behind the scenes Chasm stitches these rooms together into a one-of-a-kind world map that will be your own.

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