rock band illenium

The Rock Band 4 digital library is one that continues to grow and evolve by the week, with new downloadable content pieces arriving to constantly fill gamers rocking needs. The latest content drop to hit Rock Band 4 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 comes about via the likes of Bishop Briggs, Illenium and Jon Bellion. 

Available to purchase and download into Rock Band 4 this very minute are two new downloadable tunes, giving Rock Band 4 players the opportunity to get their band back together, and spend a little time jamming to some stunning hits. Should a bit of rock n roll not be to your liking though, then perhaps you could be tempted to bet on the celtics, raising some cash to make the tracks below even more enticing.  

Priced up at £1.29 each are the following new tracks…

Now, anyone down with the scene will instantly understand that these two tracks certainly bring a bit of variety and musical mixing to the Rock Band 4 table, and whilst the former will cater for a couple of different audiences, that of Bishop Briggs is sure to wow many more fans. 

The usual Xbox One and PS4 downloads of both of these tracks can be picked up from the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store respectively, and heading on over there right now will ensure you are among some of the first in the world to get jamming out to the tunes. 

You will of course need a copy of Rock Band 4 to hand prior to even considering a purchase of these tracks, but should you have that in place, you’re pretty much good to go. As always though, if these aren’t to your liking, there are a whole ton of other great Rock Band additions present and correct, waiting for your money and time. Failing that, good old Rocksmith does away with the fake instruments to concentrate more on the real world guitar lifestyle. It too has a multitude of content drops on a massively regular basis. If you’re interested in learning guitar for real, that promises to be the fastest way to learn guitar. 

Let us know what you decide to pick up. We’re on all the usual social channels and are ready and willing to hear about your best rocking highlights, particularly if you think of yourself as some kind of Rock Band Champion. 

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