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Single player campaign? Check. Tons of guns? Check. Special power-ups? Check. Hordes of demons to kill? Check. Boss fights? Check. The chance to become a proper space pirate? Check, check, check. Are you ready for Madness Beverage?

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Madness Beverage pops up to deliver you the chance to hone your shooting skills as you work your way through the depths of space, taking on demonic hordes and battling the evil Manos, once and for all. 

Priced at £15.74, Madness Beverage comes to Xbox to work the usual space shooty type lines. Providing you with all the weaponry you could ever need, it’ll ensure you need to be on point throughout, all as you head to multiple alien worlds in hope of understanding the madness that is unfolding. 

But it’s in the special power-ups – the beverages, if you like – that this really comes into its own. You see, whether it be purple, orange, red, blue, yellow or green, every beverage you came across is able to inflict you with its own unique power. Some of these will see you going all-powerful, others will slow down foes, whilst more still will gift you with the ability of speed. 

Utilising these power-ups is at the core of what Madness Beverage brings, but as you would expect to hear, you’ll need to use them carefully as with great power, comes great… well, you know how it goes.

Should you be up for the challenge though, or are just sold on the back of Madness Beverage giving you the opportunity to become a space pirate – totally removed from those found in Sea of Thieves – get yourself over to the Xbox Store right now, open the wallet and splash the £15 odd quid on a purchase. 

We’ll probably dive in ourselves at some point. Stay tuned for a full review of Madness Beverage on Xbox as and when we can. 

Game Description:

Become a space pirate and fight demons that were set free by the evil villan Manos. Travel through alien planets, forgotten caves, old castles and its dark corridors, and remember, be wary of what’s lurking in the dark! To defeat Manos you’ll have to survive demonic hordes and collect powerful drinks! How can you achieve that, you may ask? With the whole arsenal of deadly weapons and strong beverages that give you some real special powers!

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