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Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games. Back in 2007, even the most powerful PCs struggled to run Crysis on medium settings. It was the developer’s way of future-proofing the game’s visuals, making it aesthetically relevant for years to come. This spawned the prominent “Can it run Crysis?” meme. Following several delays, Crysis Remastered is currently out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC. That’s right, even your Switch can run Crysis now.

Crysis Remastered contains the original game with multiple visual updates, such as 8K textures and updated lighting effects. Lush jungle environments and open coastal areas look better than ever before. Furthermore, thanks to Ray Tracing, reflective surfaces like water now realistically reflect rays of the sun. But there’s more to Crysis Remastered than just pretty visuals. There are a gripping story and a vast selection of combat abilities to keep you engaged.

Funny enough, Crysis Remastered takes place in 2020 on Lingshan Islands off the coast of China. For initially unknown reasons, the island is controlled by the North Korean army. Following a distress call from a group of archaeologists, a special forces unit known as Raptor Team is tasked with rescuing them. Allegedly, the archaeologists have discovered something that would drastically impact the world as we know it. That certain something is of alien origin, and before you know it, you must not only fight off the North Korean army, but also a host of formidable alien entities.

As for you, you take control of Nomad, one of the group’s soldiers. In addition to the artillery of weapons customizable on the fly, Nomad is equipped with a futuristic Nanosuit featuring four distinct modes. For instance, the Armor mode provides enhanced protection from damage, while the Strength mode significantly bolsters physical prowess. Speed mode bestows superhuman reflexes and speed, and Cloak makes Nomad virtually undetectable. Much like Predator.

Throughout the story, you’ll constantly switch between these modes and employ an array of destructive weapons, ranging from relatively mundane submachine guns to powerful gauss rifles and even alien technology. Weapons or stealth, Crysis Remastered provides numerous options for compelting objectives, either stealthily or guns-blazing.

“Our aim was to meet the expectations of the Crysis community and celebrate their passion for the franchise,” said Steffen Halbig, Project Lead. “Naturally, we are thrilled to invite players to suit up and experience Crysis, upgraded and remastered to take advantage of today’s hardware and advances in CRYENGINE.”

Features include:

  • Suit up: Your Nanosuit’s speed, strength, armor, and cloaking allow creative solutions for every kind of fight.
  • Adapt: In an ever-changing environment, adapt your tactics to dominate on battlefields ranging from frozen jungle to alien environments.
  • Customize: A huge arsenal of modular weaponry provides unprecedented control over play style, with options ranging from the experimental to the alien.
  • Conquer: Life-like enemy AI require a strategic and flexible playstyle, as new challenges – including a zero-g battlefield– require players to take the offensive and be proactive.
  • Explore: Choose your own path through the open world of Crysis, destroying obstacles, driving vehicles, and using the environment itself against your enemies.

If you’re yet to dive into the world of Crysis, then now’s the best time to add it to your collection. Crysis Remastered is available for purchase on the Xbox Store (£24.99) as well as the respective marketplace for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC. For now, keep an eye out for our upcoming Crysis Remastered review to find out how it runs on Xbox One.

Game Description:

The classic first person shooter from Crytek is back with the action-packed gameplay, sandbox world, and thrilling epic battles you loved the first time around – now with remastered graphics optimized for a new generation of hardware.

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