It may not be on the same level as the FIFA vs PES debate, but each and every year the basketball court sees another fight take place – NBA 2K or NBA Live? Well, if EA were to get their way, there is only ONE option.

And that is NBA Live 19 – The One Edition, something which is live and available for purchase right now.

With the might of EA behind it, you’ll find a basketball experience of the very highest quaility as you head to the courts to pursue your dreams of basketball glory. With Real Player Motion and 1v1 Everywhere in place, whether you’re looking to go it alone or build a squad of superstars, legends and icons, NBA Live 19 is the game for you.

It comes in with a price of £59.99, with the usual 10% discount in place for those EA Access subscribers out there, and with the opportunity to invest heavily in to The One Edition, should find that the usual EA goodies will all be in place. To get involved, the Xbox Store would be a good port of call – unless you’re on PS4 of course, in which case you’ll have to hunt down your own links 😉

So which will it be? Are you going down the NBA 2K route, or preferring the stability and assurances that EA offer with their sports titles? Let us know in the comments below.

Game Description:

Be THE ONE with your squad in NBA LIVE 19. Pre order today and start your quest to global dominance with exclusive Joel Embiid Items: o Squad Player o Jersey o Gold Shoes o Gold Basketball o Signature Celebration o Customized Court NBA LIVE 19 redefines the way you play a basketball game. Real Player Motion and 1v1 Everywhere gives you control in every possession, providing you the ability to change momentum in any game and dominate your opponent. Pursue basketball glory with the freedom to create your path in The League and The Streets, in the return of THE ONE. No longer a solo affair, build your squad of superstars, legends, and cultural icons to join your quest for greatness on courts across the globe.


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