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Best Accessories for Your Xbox Series X/S in 2024


The gaming market is highly vibrant with the entry of the Xbox X series. Its immersive gaming experience and top-shelf gaming performance make it a must-have for any gaming enthusiast. 

The Xbox series is a next-generation console with state-of-the-art specs for gaming enthusiasts. Moreover, it packs a punch on the gaming front compared to its predecessor, Xbox One. 

Any true gaming enthusiast knows that both consoles are sticking in the market for a while. There’s no new chatter of a next release from the gaming hub. Some gamers are looking to customize their gaming experience with their consoles.

Investing in gaming accessories compatible with the Xbox Series X is one common trend similar to students to a write my essay service. The gaming console does come with a set of unique accessories for gamers. However, other gamers like to look at other options available in the market. 

We are discussing customized pro controllers with ergonomics and a classic offset feel. Or high-fidelity wired headphones with DAC that allow Hi-Res mode during gameplay. Depending on your taste, the market is full of accessories. We highlight some must-have accessories to add to your arsenal.

Wireless Gaming Headphones 

A stellar gaming session needs quality audio to communicate with your fellow gamers. It reduces the hassle of dealing with long cables. Moreover, these headsets come with Bluetooth connections to your devices and Windows. 

Ensure that the headphones are multi-purpose with the console. The current console doesn’t allow for any Bluetooth headset to connect to the console.

Search for extra hardware. You must have an Xbox Series X controller, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds or headphones, and a Bluetooth adapter specifically designed to connect to Xbox controllers. 

We recommend a seamless gaming option that suits beginners and expert gamers. Choose an Xbox officially licensed headset that guarantees high-quality audio. 

Ensure it features a good battery bank that lasts up to 24 hours without charging. Double-check that it maintains a low-latency and lossless connection with a lag-free wireless connection. The audio quality should be immersive and detailed while optimized for other platforms. 

8Bitdo Dual Charging Dock

One of the third-party companies involved in manufacturing gaming hardware with high-quality standards is 8Bitdo. The firm is popular for its release of retro controllers in the market. 

The manufacturer graced the scene again by releasing its dual charging dock compatible with the console. The charging dock takes on two controllers simultaneously. It lights up amber when fully charged. 

The dock comes with a magnetic feel to tighten the grip of controllers with overhead protection to prevent any short circuits. 

The dock contains 1100 mAh rechargeable batteries with a charging time of 3 hours for one controller. Mount both controllers and get a maximum charging time of 3.5 hours. 

It comes with an LED indicator to indicate charging. It turns white to indicate a fully charged controller. This is useful for an avid gamer looking for fast charging stations to resume their gaming session. 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – 12 Month Membership Account

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has given gamers access to hundreds of high-quality games depending on their membership. Its subscription service gives you full access to plenty of games, similar to subscribing to a college essay service.

Moreover, users with the account can access the cloud computing service. The Game Pass comes in core, console, PC, and ultimate tiers. Choose one account depending on your budget and gaming level. 

New games are available for the 12-month subscription, such as Forza Motorsport Riot Games, among many more.

Another benefit of the 12-month Game Pass Ultimate, besides enjoying games from Xbox Game Studios, is their iconic franchises, including blockbusters and indie games.  

Additionally, you can use your Game Pass Ultimate to unlock your EA Play membership. Members can access some collections of their favorite EA games, trials on selected games, and earn game rewards. 

Owners can use the multiplayer function to create imaginative worlds while competing with other players. The Xbox community is thriving, with active communities and players ready to play against each other. 

Seagate 2TB Game Drive

As your gaming demand grows, you must add storage to store all your favorite games. The internal storage in your Xbox Series X/S won’t handle all your new-found energy in gaming. The next step in uninstalling games is to find space for your new game. 

The Xbox Series X has an additional internal slot for expanding your onboard storage. You can easily purchase your external game drive that hooks up at the back of your console. 

You can add a hard drive to boost your available space. Ensure that the device is compatible with your console. It is the perfect game vault with quick data transfers. 

It has a bold and unique design crafted to work seamlessly with your console. It features built-in LED bars that illuminate your gaming console green. Its 3-year rescue data recovery services are an added functionality, doubling as a warranty. 

Media Remote 

Controlling your entertainment setup can be tricky while juggling gaming and casually catching up on your favorite shows. That is why a universal media remote comes in handy for users. 

This media remote offers one-touch access to all your shows, music, apps, and Xbox Series X/S console. The remote connects to your TV through the HDMI port.

The 8BitDo media remote features Xbox buttons, allowing users to access menus and apps easily. Also, it comes with an Xbox button that wakes up your console instantly. Users can also take advantage of its motion-activated backlit buttons. 

It has a close-range connection that automatically pairs with your gaming console. If there’s a low battery, the backlight stars will blink. 

Final Takeaway

Which of these options presented tickle your fancy? You don’t have to break the bank investing in all these tools. Start slow, depending on your budget. Later on, proceed to save for a convenient and superior gaming experience. Most gaming consoles are highly compatible with these devices. Review these tools to ensure you know what you’re signing up for. 

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