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The Best Skyrim: Special Edition Mods on Xbox One


Skyrim is ace and with the recent Special Edition, the team at Bethesda have been able to make the almost limitless game even more limitless with the inclusion of the mods on consoles. It’s worth noting that loading up any mod at all will prevent achievements being unlocked, but when you read through our list, you will be too interested in what else is out there to completely change the game to care.

Here are our favourite mods over five different areas:

For when you fancy an extra challenge

Campfire: Complete Camping System & Frostfall: Hypothermia Camping Survival – These two mods work alongside each other. The first one, Campfire, allows the player to build campsites at any location, complete with campfire and cooking pots. Using these grant the player XP bonuses and two additional survival skills to track enemies and better use the resources found out in the big wide world. These skills will become particularly useful with the next mod…


Frostfall requires the Campfire mod to work, hence them coming as a pair. Frostfall grants an additional layer of difficulty by adding weather and time of day effects to your overall well-being. If you are only wearing light armour late at night at High Hrothgar, then your Exposure (a new attribute brought in the mod) will be high, resulting in skills being hampered. Similarly, if you fancied a swim in the same clothing, your Wetness rating will then increase your Exposure. Raise your Exposure too high and you will pass out. And when you awaken you will be elsewhere in the world, with certain items missing from your person. This mod will really affect how you play the game, no longer are you able to wander round the world without worrying about the elements.

For when you want a little bit extra

The Forgotten City – Let’s say somehow in under two weeks you have completely exhausted Skyrim and everything it has to offer. What next? The Forgotten City offers an additional 6 – 8 hours questing in an entirely new area. Widely regarded as one of the best mods period, it has new music, new characters and introduces new concepts to the world of Tamriel. Even if you have yet to explore everywhere, The Forgotten City is still well worth a visit.


Falskaar – Another piece of ‘unofficial’ DLC is another new area called Falskaar. This offers around 20 additional hours of activities, including 26 new quests with fully voiced new characters. This mod focuses more on the interactivity of the characters as opposed to tons of new loot, only really offering re-textured items. Unlike the Forgotten City though, there is no level requirement, meaning players are free to take this on at any point.

For when you want a bit of fun

Metal Shouts – If there’s one thing that Skyrim is missing, it is heavy metal music. The Viking-like Nord race look like the sort of people that would appreciate music a bit heavier than what the local bard plays down the tavern on an evening. With this mod, you the Dragonborn, can give it to them. This replaces the standard dragon shouts with vignettes from artists such as Amon Amarth, Metallica, Pantera and my personal favourite one, Angel of Death by Slayer.

No Spiders – ‘piderman Edition – This mod works twofold. For those that are arachnophobic, this is the perfect mod for you. For anyone who is a fan of their Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman, then this is right up your street also.
No Spiders changes up the spiders in Skyrim and presents them all as crawling Spiderman’s. It also edits their sounds so they do not sound as terrifying. They will still attack, but now look but less fearsome.


For when you want to update character models

Lace Lingerie – I’m not one to judge, merely provide an overview of what’s available to download. That said, this one does require the Seraphim Female Body Replacer mod to work, so if you have already downloaded that one, it’s pretty obvious your intentions so you may as well complete the look with this mod. No pictures needed for this one.

NB – No male equivalent currently. Scandalous.

Skyrim Graphic Overhaul – AKA ‘The Ronseal mod’. This mod acts as an umbrella for all the mods available that are able to update graphics, characters, items, the works. Bringing in external assets and plastering them all over Skyrim, sometimes it can look like a completely different game. It helps bring the textures in line with the Special Edition so those volumetric God rays you hear so much about now have more bang for their buck.

For when you want a bit of help

Nicer Children – For want of another word, the children in Skyrim are all… mean. Especially to you, the Dragonborn (if only they knew what you could do). When they are not bullying each other, they often turn their attention to you, shouting as you pass and/or threatening to hurt you if you didn’t leave them alone. This mod removes all the dialogue that can be considered hurtful towards you. Helpful because it’s tough to get back up after a Dragonborn has had their confidence knocked, y’know?

Ultimate Player Start – Thought it best to end this overview of the best Skyrim mods for the Xbox One with the most OP one out there. After you have finished the character creation at the start, this mod instantly grants you all perks, full magicka/health/stamina, more gold than you will ever need, and 5000 lockpicks. Chests also appear containing all weapons and armour so you have the pick of the bunch. Sadly though, as it stands, the mod does not improve your carry weight. Swings and roundabouts though, eh?


And there you have it, a quick guide to our favourite mods in Skyrim: Special Edition. Most of these mods are only available on the Xbox One console also, as they contain external mods. Something to rub the nose in to all the other gamers. Next time they come round you can show them a scantily clad female wearing only lacy lingerie fighting off a horde of demon Spidermen. But hey, she is level 100, able to scream some Pantera at the enemies and not even through the first dungeon yet. Yes, their jealousy will be very apparent on their faces.

Richard Dobson
Richard Dobson
Avid gamer since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Grew up with the PS1 and PS2 but changed allegiances in 2007 with the release of Halo 3.
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