Most of us will have had our Xbox One Day One Edition consoles ordered by now. Originally all that was available were stand alone consoles without any games or accessories bundled in.

However, we now have launch games detailed and accessories priced so the lovely guys over at have thrown up a number of Xbox One console bundles. But do you want to lose your place in the preorder queue just to save a few pounds with a bundle?

Well the good news is you don’t have to. Shopto have kindly introduced their SWAP system, allowing anyone with a current preorder to swap it out for a bundle WITHOUT losing the preorder queue spot. Sounds magic to us so we were quick to swap over our single console and Forza 5 orders for a combined console, Forza AND extra official wireless controller with no hassle or fuss.

At time of writing, Shopto have the following bundles available, all with a Day One Edition console and free digital copy of FIFA14 included:

  • Battlefield 4 and £15 Xbox Live token
  • Forza 5 and 12 month Xbox subscription
  • Ryse and Play & Charge Kit
  • Dead Rising 3, 12 months Gold and £15 Xbox Live token
  • Extra official controller and 12 month Gold sub
  • Forza 5 and extra official controller
  • Dead Rising 3, Ryse and £10 Xbox Live token
  • Need For Speed Rivals and extra official controller

If you do decide to SWAP over, you’ll find yourself saving a good few pounds over the price of all separate items and be safe in the knowledge that you’re dealing with one of the webs premier game retail sites.

What will you take?


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