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Ever fallen asleep at work or at school? We’re all friends here you can be honest and admit it. Well, Frank – the titular character of Lesson Learned – has done just that. And in 2022 with the announcement that Lesson Learned arrives on Xbox and other consoles, he’s going to find out the hard way just how costly that is.

Taking aim at historical figures, Lesson Learned will poke fun at history when it arrives on consoles in 2022. Just like Bill & Ted all those years ago, you will need to help Frank through periods of history whilst fending off hordes of enemies. Things may look slightly different though as you encounter Napoleon and Caesar, except they will appear as farmyard animals.

To see just how surreal things can get, check out the announcement trailer below:

It’s a good thing that Lesson Learned will feature full co-op play then. Work together to gather resources such as wood or stone, and then use it to build your defences against wolves, frogs, pigs, bulls and more. It is still fully playable solo however.

What you build can also be customised to how you see fit. Through upgrades you can add modifiers to your towers so that they could shoot more frequently or apply debuffs to the waves of enemies all coming for you.

Across six historically inaccurate periods you must fight your way through an alternative human history. Taking inspiration from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure plus some teenage imagination you must find and rescue Frank’s classmates, who can then help you on your journey home from the underworld.

The story of Lesson Learned will also be told not through words, but graphically through an ancient tome. This mysterious artefact is somehow responsible for Frank’s trip to the unknown and yet able to document it too.

Lesson Learned will be heading to Steam first in 2022, with console parts coming later in the year. Who’s up for some tower defence? Let us know in the comments below!

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